Shannon Sharpe blasted Kelvin Benjamin after the salty Bills receiver took shots at his former team and former quarterback.  He pointed the finger at Cam Newton’s accuracy as the reason that he was shipped out of Carolina.

The Hall of Fame tight end didn’t buy it, he absolutely unloaded on him and called him out for showing up to camp overweight.

“Was it Cam’s fault that Kelvin showed up at 280+ pounds as a WR? This is what we know about Cam: He was rookie of the year without Kelvin, Cam won MVP the year Kelvin was hurt. So Cam is like, ‘If I had Antonio Brown or Julio Jones, I would be more accurate.'”

Sharpe then delivered an absolutely savage line…

“The buffet was a bad fit, because you ate yourself out of a job in Carolina.”

Shannon obviously knows what it takes to be a winner in the NFL.  He also knows that Cam was the NFL’s MVP the year Benjamin missed due to injury.  Sounds to me like Benjamin held Cam back.