Football and golf fans donned their green and yellow shirts and hats for Wednesday’s Cologuard Classic pro-am. Aaron Rodgers, the man they were there to see, stuck out.

“I like blue, white and grey,” the Green Bay Packers quarterback said, showing off his golf gear. One guy, who looks to know Aaron, brought an interesting picture for Aaron to sign. 

The man in the pic, who clearly knows Aaron, brought a blown up version of the two of them embracing one another. His goal was to have him sign the poster. It looks like Aaron and him together at a wedding, possibly his. 

Mission accomplished. Rodgers actually signed the poster. They are friends I guess? Well what kind of friend would bring a poster for you to sign at a golf event? This is just bizarre, this guy feels much more like a fan than a friend. Or maybe, just maybe, they were more than friends?