Karolina Pliskova Breaks Umpire's Chair in Racket Rage Incident Over Blown Call - Sports Gossip
Racket rage is a real thing in Tennis

Karolina Pliskova is facing a fine after the Czech ex-world # 1 broke the umpire’s chair in a racket slamming rage, following her second round defeat to Maria Sakkari in Rome.

Late in the third set, with the Czech serving at 6-3, 3-6, 5-5, 30/30, Pliskova had an overhead incorrectly called out and both the line judge and the umpire, Marta Mrozinska, said they could not find the mark.

Replays on TV showed that Pliskova’s ball was in but the umpire, having lost the mark, used her judgment to call it out and give a break point to Sakkari.

Pliskova approached the umpire’s chair, but instead of shaking her hand, she slammed her racquet multiple times, breaking the umpire’s chair. Her twin sister even weighed in on Twitter. Some tennis players really have anger issues. Sheesh. 


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