Buffalo Bills receiver Zay Jones was arrested on Monday night at an apartment building in downtown Los Angeles after he attempted to jump out of a window.  The video of the incident has hit the internet, thanks to TMZ Sports.  

It shows his brother and fellow NFL player Cayleb Jones, trying to keep Zay, who is completely naked, from jumping out of a 30th floor window.

TMZ Sports obtained this video of the crazy fight that went down Monday night in a downtown L.A. apartment building. Zay is stark raving nude while grappling with his brother — Cayleb Jones of the Vikings.

You can hear Zay yelling, “I’m going to fight for Jesus” … and according to witnesses, Cayleb was trying to stop him from jumping out a 30th floor window.

The video doesn’t show the entire struggle, but does show the bloody aftermath.  The scene is covered in blood and shows the cardboard covered broken window he attempted to jump out of.  

Someone on the video can be heard describing the aftermath as looking like a murder scene.

This is a pretty disturbing scene that unfolded.  Zay looks and sounds completely out of it.  Let’s hope he gets some help for whatever set this incident off.