The NCAA has levied an unethical conduct charge against former Connecticut men’s basketball coach Kevin Ollie and other violations that could lead to a lengthy show-cause penalty, six months after the university fired him for just cause.

A notice of allegations sent by the NCAA to both UConn and Ollie reveals that Ollie faces a Level 1 unethical charge due to false or misleading information about phone calls between former UConn stars Ray Allen and Rudy Gay and a highly-touted recruit.

The NCAA also states that Ollie lied when denying he knew of impermissable workouts given to multiple UConnn players, both on campus and in Atlanta, by Derek Hamilton, a personal friend.

The news was first reported by ESPN on Friday night.

Ollie was charged with multiple violations — providing unfair recruiting benefits, exceeding limits on recruiting hours, failing to promote an atmosphere of compliance, failing to monitor players’ outside workouts — that all fall under a coaching responsibility violation.

Pandora’s box is wide open now. If they start investigating this way at every other school in the country there won’t be a coach left standing.