The NFL filed what is called a motion for summary judgment in the collusion case filed by Colin Kaepernick.  The move is an attempt to have the case thrown out before it goes to trial. 

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith revealed the latest development to The Undefeated:

“There was recently a motion for a summary judgment.  That matter is in the hands of the arbitrator, but I don’t think there is a legitimate reason for why they’re not playing.”

It wasn’t revealed how long arbitrator Stephen Burbank had to make the ruling.  If the motion is denied then the NFL will likely be wrapped up in a court battle during the 2018 season.

If only there was a way to resolve this.  Oh yeah, there is.  Just have a team sign them.  I mean if Christian Hackenburg is still in the league the case is already in Kaepernick’s favor.