The NFL Combine is full of strange questions and odd request, like this one from the Seattle Seahawks.  During the interview process they asked former Texas punter Michael Dickson participate in a staring contest.


“I had to see how long I could stare without blinking,” Dickson said. “I had a couple of attempts. I tried a few techniques, looking away from the light, trying to block any sort of wind coming into the eyes. That was a weird process.”

Surely, the contest had something to do with punting, but even Dickson wasn’t sure what it proved to the scouts.

Dickson, won the Ray Guy Award and was MVP of the Texas Bowl, said he needed three attempts before passing the test.

“The first time I did terrible,” Dickson said. “I only lasted for 14 seconds, but my third time I had figured out a technique to look around the room just to get your eyes a little watery, I guess.”

Everyone knows punters are better the longer they can stare.  The real test should be how long can you take Pete Carroll’s gum chomping.  That has to be a difficult task.