The WNBA champion Seattle Storm will not visit the White House if invited.  This according to star Sue Bird.

Trump didn’t invite last year’s WNBA champion, so it’s not a given that he would be inviting this year’s either.  

Now that they made it known they wouldn’t show up, the Storm probably won’t get an invite either.


“At this point, it doesn’t even really need to be discussed,” Bird said. “It’s come up. We paid attention to what happened with Minnesota not getting invited. Everyone knew when everything happened with Steph Curry and LeBron (James) on social media, all that stuff. We all pay attention and we watch.

“So it wasn’t an actual conversation where we sat down and said, ‘Hey guys, what do you want to do if this happens?’ First of all, we wouldn’t have, because you can’t do that until you win. You don’t want any bad juju. But I think it’s safe to say we all kind of were on the same page with that.”

Glad we got that very important question answered.