Baseball season is back, and that also means dumb fans are back. It didn’t take long to see the first homer of the season, and  the season also had its first streaker on Opening Day.

He was really a half ass streaker, as he was only shirtless, and evaded Chase Field security during the Diamondbacks-Rockies game to run across the field. Looks like the loser had a message written on his back. 

From the Arizona Republic

In the bottom of the third inning, a man jumped on to the field from the stands down the third-base line and proceeded to run out into the middle of the game.

He pulled off his shirt as he began to round the bases, though in reverse order, sliding into second. Fortunately, the man did not get the chance to go full-streaker.

Written across his back in black marker was “Super heroes never DIE.”

Security hauled this guy off to baseball jail, with all the other derelicts. This has got to stop, because one day someone really nuts is going to jump on the field and do something scary stupid.