Tim Tebow followed up his shade at the Alabama student section last week, by throwing more shade.  This time at 5th ranked Notre Dame.

Tebow was a guest on “First Take” Friday when he said the Fighting Irish haven’t played anyone.

Well, they better avoid the trap game.  They’re not playing, they don’t play a top 25 ranked team and they’ve, they’ve only played one in Michigan and Michigan under Harbaugh has never won a ranked road game ever.  Not one.

And so, you know, I think that we have to look at this Notre Dame team and say, yes, they’ve been impressive. They’ve been getting better. Ian Book has done a great job since he’s, he’s taken command of the ship.

But at the same time we’ve got to see them play against someone that’s good. Stanford’s not good. Virginia Tech’s not good. I know we want to hype it up because they’re Notre Dame, but let’s wait and see when they play somebody that is good.

Tebow the baseball player is also a shade tossing College Football analyst and we love it.  It doesn’t matter if he’s factually correct or not, “The Umbrella” is very entertaining.