Tom Thibodeau is the reason that Jimmy Butler hasn’t already been traded.  A source close to the Timberwolves sent us details about how he’s been sabotaging all Butler trades on purpose.

According to our source, Thibodeau still believes he can keep Butler and get him to play.

Thibs has been sabotaging all the trades for Jimmy Butler on purpose. Thibs still thinks he can keep him and get him to play. Wolves had a deal in place end of last week with Heat for Richardson and Whiteside. GM Scott Layden had this deal in place, until Thibs asked Heat to switch Whiteside with Dragic and an unprotected 1st round pick. Miami didn’t want to pick up the phone after that.

Thibs then went around to other teams like Houston, Milwaukee, and Clippers telling the details, saying he’s still available, but then not picking up the phone stalling.

It sounds like Thibodeau is going to mess around and end up with nothing.  Butler won’t show and the good trade offers will dry up.  He needs to get what he can while the getting is good.