Former NFL quarterback turned analyst, Trent Dilfer, shared his thoughts on this year’s NFL quarterback draft class.  He compared the QBs to ice cream.

That’s right, accorfing to Dilfer this draft class is like ice cream.

Via Newsday:

“I personally don’t like Rocky Road that much,” he said via phone Tuesday, “but I love mint chip.”

“I think generally, everybody likes ice cream, right?” Dilfer said. “It’s awesome. Ice cream is just awesome. But we all don’t like the same flavors of ice cream . . . I think that’s how you have to look at this class. In general, they’re ice cream. They’re all really good. They’re awesome. But it’s what flavor you like of quarterback.”

We can add this to the long list of idiotic things Dilfer has said.  You can say this about every quarterback in every draft class.  

They’re all quarterbacks, it just depends on which one you like.  No kidding Trent.