President Trump was in Montana on Thursday for a rally.  During the rally he brought up the NFL’s new National Anthem policy. 

The policy now requires players to stand for the National Anthem or remain in the locker room.  Trump isn’t a fan of that second part and called the new policy worse than the prior one.

Via Pro Football Talk:

Hey, how about the NFL?” he said, via John Marshall of “Look, I don’t want to cause controversy. . . . But how about they pass this stupid thing. You don’t have to do this anymore. If you don’t respect the flag, or if you don’t like the country, or whatever it is. Just go into the locker room. . . . I think in many respects, that’s worse. Isn’t that worse than not standing? I think that’s worse. . . . I actually think in many ways it’s worse.”

Is this ever going to end?  Not as long as Trump thinks it will win him political points.  Let’s hope it ends shortly after the season begins.