Within any football championship, the quarterback is one of the most crucial parts of a team. They are the leaders of the offense, and are responsible for many of the team’s throws. The NFL is no exception, as it has seen a huge amount of successful quarterbacks ever since the league began. 

Because of this, it is worth keeping a close eye on the players that have potential to become the next superstar quarterbacks. To find out more, check out the latest NFL betting odds. Here are ten of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, and some of their key achievements during the peak of their respective careers. 

Aaron Rodgers

Firstly, Aaron Rodgers has nine Pro Bowl honors and certainly holds his own within the Green Bay Packers. His ability to anticipate changes within the game and read the field makes him the perfect quarterback. Rodgers has an impressive football IQ, which gives him the advantage in many circumstances. He also has an extraordinary throwing strength.

Tom Brady

Of course, no list of high achieving quarterbacks would be complete without Tom Brady. He has been an MVP three times, and holds seven Super Bowl rings. Many consider Brady to be in a league of his own due to his immense football IQ which pairs perfectly with his physical agility, strength, and speed on the field.

Brady’s completion rate has never gone below 60%, and he has changed how many quarterbacks are recruited and how they train. 

Peyton Manning

One of the closest players that is likely to be the closest rival for Tom Brady is Peyton Manning. The quarterbacks have gone head-to-head multiple times, and they have very similar football IQ and athleticism. 

Manning understood the game in depth, which allowed him to perform with a high amount of accuracy and efficiency. As a result, Manning has five MVP awards and is considered one of the best regular-season quarterbacks within the NFL. 

Joe Montana

Another iconic quarterback to enter the record books within the NFL is Joe Montana. With four Super Bowl victories, Montana had some of the highest numbers of passes thrown without an interception during the peak of his professional career. 

However, it was his ability to remain calm and control his nerves that made him such a high achieving quarterback on the field. This is where his nickname ‘Joe Cool’ originated from, and he was an excellent addition to his team. 

Brett Favre

The next iconic quarterback is Brett Favre, who stands out against others on this list due to a lack of accuracy per se. Something that made Favre so successful on the field was his power, and he certainly used this to his advantage as a quarterback. 

Favre was known as the ‘Gunslinger’, and he has an uncanny ability to hold his own against even the toughest opponents. 

Johnny Unitas

Unitas revolutionized football for the quarterback position. He demonstrated an intense offensive ability, and even more momentous record for consecutive games. The three-time NFL champion spent the majority of his career in the Baltimore Colts, and remained a high achieving quarterback for eighteen years. 

Dan Marino

Interestingly, Dan Marino can be credited as one of the highest achieving NFL quarterbacks to never get a Super Bowl ring. The timing simply never lined up for Marino. 

Many have said that this quarterback carried every team that he was on, and he is one of the most underrated players within the NFL. Just because he never got a championship ring does not mean that Marino is lacking in key achievements. 

Otto Graham

With three NFL championship wins and a passer rating of 86.6, Otto Graham remains one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He was one of the key players within the Cleveland Browns, and his jersey number was retired by the franchise in honor of this high achieving quarterback. 


Despite a late start to football, ‘Automatic Otto’ got his name for a natural talent for passing, and he was an asset to the Browns during his career. 

Drew Brees

The current leader in both completions and passing yards is Drew Brees, who is considered one of the fastest quarterbacks within the NFL. Not only that, but he is a highly consistent performer on the field. Brees has been ranked fourth in the NFL career regular-season wins, with 172.

John Elway

Finally, John Elway is an iconic NFL member who is the only quarterback to score a rushing touchdown in four Super Bowls. With 300 career touchdowns under his belt, Elway was considered ahead of his time during the peak of his career. 


The NFL has seen a great deal of successful quarterbacks ever since the championship first began. Each of the players above have achieved a huge amount for their teams and as individual athletes. Because of the volume of successful quarterbacks within the NFL, it is difficult to fit them all onto a single list. Hopefully, some of the iconic players above will influence the next few generations of quarterbacks for the NFL in the future.