Do you like football, hockey, tennis, esports or any other sports? And would you like to make your hobby a source of income? Follow this simple advice.

Bet on sport or league, which you know well

Bets made blind or on emotions are the fastest way to lose. Profitable bettors rely on the sport they understand well, learn in details and follow mostly. It doesn’t matter what sport it is, it can be even something like ping-pong, badminton, CS:GO-events or curling.

Stop following the herd instinct

Watching the match with FC Real Madrid, most of the people will be sure that the Spanish football team will in the majority of cases just because «it is Real». But a professional bettor will not make a bet on someone only because the team has a good name and the majority of people know it. Notice the influence of public hysteria and try not to follow it and the media influence. Bet in accordance with your opinion and analysis before the match.

Analyze games before a match, check team changes, traumas, and weather

Being a professional bettor is like being a sports analyst. A good player has to collect all important information about teams, their total power, and the particular players’ strength and also about all external circumstances such as a change of management, a long transfer to the stadium and many more. Then, he compares and estimates information until he finds out what information will be decisive for the match and what can take effect only under certain circumstances.

Always find good opportunities for bets

Everyone can find out what team has more chances to win a match. At least, in cases when a worldwide famous team faces an absolute outsider (for example, in the group stage of the Champions League and others). However, the objective of a real professional is to make a bet not on the favorite match but on a profitable opportunity.

A player has to evaluate every team’s chances to win (or a possibility of any other event) and then compare it to own analysis or to the chances he given to the team. Considering this data, it can be absolutely clear that a player who bets makes a bet on an outsider of a match instead of a favorite deliberately because odds provided by a bookmaker for the team are pretty good. It is difficult to understand this in terms of a quick winning but it makes sense and gives a profit if you make 10 or 100 such profitable bets.

Make notes

Make notes about all bets. They include notes about the time you make a bet, on what team you bet, on what odds you bet and so on. Keeping a betting journal is the main fundamental habit of a good player. Only due to these notes, you will have a reliable review of your bets and only then, you will be able to find out your mistakes, avoid them in the future and increase a profit.

Use betting systems

If you can’t make a bet using the traditional method of choosing one opportunity for bets, you can use one of the best betting systems from a recommended section. Some of them are difficult but some of them can be understood easily and also have a profit from them, which, after all, can make you a successful bettor. A conception of certain betting systems allows you to use a value of odds to win a bet on a big favorite, a quick analysis is used somewhere, which helps to determine the profitable opportunity for bets in one hour, «the catch-up method» is used somewhere.

You can also create own betting system

Initially, many successful bettors were inspired by well-known sports betting systems. But at one moment, they started creating their strategies, beginning to construct them from a basis or to recreate the already-known systems. It is not difficult to create own betting system, at least, if you know what you want to have from it. If you have a serious approach to sports bets, we strongly recommend learning this step. At least, if you understand sports bets pretty good.

Don’t bet impulsively, under the influence of alcohol, get rid of superstition and stop focusing on losses.

This lesson can be used in the whole life but it has a special meaning in sports bets. Bookmaking is based on mathematical principles, so there is no room for superstition, fortune-telling or prophecies. If you know it well, you will probably avoid such a mistake as «a try to win back losses». If your strategy is right, statistics will do its job in a long-term perspective and you will have a profit.

And finally, every player has to refuse from impulsive actions and alcohol, while working with bets. Odd emotions or a bad influence on your mind is absolutely unwelcome for the mathematical-mental nature of bets.

Choose the right sum of a bet

The right sum of bets and accurate bankroll management are the key factors, which influence the success in sports bets. If you want to be a successful bettor and not to make a deposit with new and new money, you need to learn to evaluate bets in the right way depending on chances to win and a sum of money, which is left in your bankroll. Besides, you should never play using money, which you can’t lose. In this case, your brain and all thoughts will be under the power of emotions and you will be more inclined to make unfavorable bets and this is just what you want to do the least. Besides, this point is connected with the previous one, so you can read it again to understand better.

Learn to get distracted

Even the best and most professional bettor can bet and fail, a series of which can last a couple of long days. You need to know how to take your mind off in order not to stick into depression and be crushed under the morale pressure. Try to watch a good film, read a good book or find a hobby, which will excite you and divert attention.