Who doesn’t like to shop online? We all have grown addicted (Pleasant) to online shopping. The size, price or quantity doesn’t matter. We prefer shopping from a single item to a truckload of things online. Our shopping prowess would determine, whether we’re successful, and more importantly, secure shopper or not. What’s the difference between your shopping habits and mine? What’s the point? We become susceptible to online theft when we stop asking ourselves the questions which have been going under the radar for unknown reasons. We should always stay alert to an online security threat. Hackers don’t target you personally. We open up the window of opportunity for them. You should follow some online shopping tips to have an enjoyable shopping session.


  1. Trust Reputed, Popular Online Stores

We don’t accept or consider the probability of getting duped by an online shopping site scam. The Internet has come a long way since its early days. We don’t expect scams in online shopping of household items or wardrobe collection. As an online shopper, you need to act responsibly. You should do some research about the online store. To clarify doubts, you should search for the brand by adding scam next to it in the search box. The trick would answer most of the questions you need to know. Reading online reviews or visiting the site convinces, wins your trust. We suggest avoiding unproven, unheard stores and do shopping with reputed online stores. You would have the assurance of buying quality products. What about the peace of mind?


  1. Secure Internet Connection Ensures Security from Prying Eyes

The prying eyes never leave you alone for a moment. Every minute spent doing online shopping poses a threat in the absence of a secured connection and other precautionary measures. Look for the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification by checking the ‘Lock Sign’ in the address bar. An online site without ‘https’ at the beginning of the web address is a warning sign. You should not proceed further. The SSL certification secures your data during the data exchange at both ends. You should also install top antivirus software to avert any unnecessary threats.


  1. The Right to Comparison and the Age of Analysis

The secret of finding the right deals, discount coupons is to browse through the top sites or compare prices. Some online shoppers have the knack of finding discount codes. Isn’t it a sweet coincidence? You can always have something extra from the deal by researching and comparing prices across the sites. The trick is to stay patient and wait for the right moment.


  1. Shopping Carnival and Festive Season Sale

Online sites keep on offering discounts and coupons to bring the audiences back. The formula works. The rewards associated with off-season sale does the trick. Online shoppers, especially women, keep an eye on any new deals offered by top brands. They don’t waste a moment to think about it. You can always find great online deals all around the year. The competition plays in favor of consumers.


  1. Tempting, Too Good to be True- Stay Alert

There’s a pattern of how dubious sites, people work. Online sites are no exception to the rule. You may have come across sites looking to extract details by offering unbelievable discounts, deals.  You should research before sharing personal or card details with them. The best tip is to check if the site had a bad reputation in the past. The search results would have reviews, customer opinion, grievances to help you make a decision, stay away from it.


  1. Customer Service Would Expose or Galvanize the Brand Reputation

You don’t want to mess with your time by trying to check the credentials of an online story without calling the customer service team. It’s the first and last thing you need to make up your mind. A single call to the customer service team would help gauge the work culture, corporate philosophy, etc. We recommend calling the customer support staff without doing any background check first.


  1. Evaluate Shipping Costs, Return and Refund Policy

Online shopping is evolving all the time. Some sites consider free shipping an attractive marketing strategy. In the last couple of years, online sites expect consumers to buy products of minimum value (as set by the management) to qualify for free shipping. You should check the shipping costs before placing an order. The return and refund policy is the tricky part of the deal for both sites. It becomes your responsibility to read the site-specific policy to avoid confusion. We suggest reading the refund and return policy than putting the entire blame on the store and complicate things in the process.  You can find that they’ll often offer you discounts and coupons to make up for the trouble of reaching out.


  1. 8. Protect Sensitive Information by Checking the Privacy Policy

At the time of making a payment, you’re supposed to share personal and other sensitive details related to the account. You should have developed a strong sense of faith, trust before reaching the stage. You should know why the site requires specific information and how they’re going to use it. You don’t have to proceed further in case you don’t feel comfortable. You can get similar or less-rewarding deals at other sites but never compromise on online security.


  1. Use Credit Cards to Make Online Payments

Online shoppers need to ensure they know the best practices for online shopping. We recommend making transactions through the credit card. It’s the safest way to pay for online shopping without being worried about fraudulent activities. You’ve got an advantage when you use your credit card or PayPal account than a debit card to make online payments.

  1. Put Items in the Cart, Leave it Purposefully without Checking Out

Online shoppers have become smarter. The marketing strategies have raised the bar in laying the trap and convincing visitors to buy. These strategies have worked for both sides, ironically. Consumers have also learned a trick or two. The products they want to buy they keep in the cart for a couple of days to send an impression they’re willing to buy if BestBuy coupon or something like that comes along. Online stores, on the other hand, have sales targets. They know a little discount or coupons won’t hurt them as long as they’re able to make a sale and retain the customer. Online shopping is about patience, an eye for the right products, and spending money during season sale.

Online shopping tips are about following security measures first and then finding the right retailer to do shopping. Nobody wants to search for a new retailer every time they’ve got something to buy. Loyalty matters a lot in the online business.