The super bowl 2020 game is only 300 days away and the excitement has already begun. Super Bowl, increases each teat and this year is the 54th in that craze. The prizes and money are hefty, however, nothing defeats the pride of winning the Super Bowl.  You can find the Super Bowl live stream, right there. 

But before you jump in the excitement let me tell you a few crazy facts that you would be surprised to hear. 

1. The Making of Ball Comprises of 25 Steps 

Yes, that’s correct expert craftsmen make these balls in the USA and there are twenty-five steps after which the ball comes into being. Each step is completed by Wilson craftsmen and craftswomen in their factory in Ohio. 

2. Each Team Receives 108 balls 

Each team in the event gets 108 balls 54 of which are used in practice and the rest are used while playing the game. During a typical game, 120 are used in the additional 12 are kicker footballs which are used in kicking plays.

3. Every Player Gets a Car 

For the whole week of the game, every player gets a loaner car in which they can drive around anywhere in the game week. However, after the week is up they have to give the car back.

4. Half-time is Used for Warm-Ups

As the half-time extends up to a 20-minute break many players use the time to make adjustments and deal with muscle kinks. Then the players start to do warm-ups so that they don’t lose their tempo.

5. Tickets are Expensive

As the sport is famous, tickets are sold at thousands of dollars and people do end up making quite a lot of money after each game.

6. Half-Time Performers are Unpaid 

Yes, you may get to see performances by some of the top singers but they don’t get paid for performing there. They get exposure which is also worth a lot of money.

7. Tickets are Made on Paper 

Super Bowl tickets may be expensive and cost up to thousands of dollars but they are just made on paper. As per a rule all tickets are made of paper. 

8. Some Phrases are ages old

Some phrases that you see on Super Bowl have been there on them for centuries like “Made in the USA”

9. Super Bowl wasn’t always Super Bowl

Until the third Super Bowl game, it used to be known as the AFL-NFL championship game.  

10. Player’s families get the perks too

It is not only the players who get to live in luxury. The player’s friends and family also get to enjoy the luxurious stay and events at the time of the game. They are even allowed to attend the practice session which is done a day before the game. 

This year’s game is going to be super intense and the American fans will find themselves on the edge of their seats. So get ready, if you are unable to afford the ticket to a Super Bowl game a live streaming session in your lounge with your fellow fans can be exciting as well. So let the games being to another year of Super Bowl game.