The Nordic Sports Industry is a booming industry that has been expanding for the past few years. In this blog post, we are going to explore 15 stats about Nordic sports that might surprise you.

  1. The Nordic region has the highest number of Olympic gold medals

 When Nordic countries are compared side by side, they dominate the gold medal per capita category. 

  1. Estonia is the most successful winter Olympics country

Estonia is the most successful Nordic country in Winter Olympics history, with plenty of gold medals. This same success can be seen in online gaming platforms such as Ninja. Which have lately become very popular.

  1. Finland’s ice hockey team won 4 consecutive world championships 

Finland is the only Nordic country that has won the world championships in any team event, either men’s or women’s.

  1. Sweden’s national football team had a record-breaking streak of 12 consecutive wins 

Sweden has won the Nordic Championship a total of 18 times, more than any other Nordic country. 

  1. Denmark is famous for their table tennis players, winning 3 out of 4 World Championships 

The Danish table tennis team is also the only Nordic country to have reached number one in rankings by Nordic Championship 33 times.

  1. Iceland holds the record for being undefeated in international matches (22-0) between May and November 2016 

Iceland’s men’s football team has never lost a Nordic Championship match.

  1. The Nordic countries are the best in the world at winter sports 

Nordic countries have the largest share of Nordic Championship titles across all winter sports.

  1. Ice hockey is more popular than football in Sweden 

This Nordic country has the best ice hockey team in Europe.

  1. Norway has a higher percentage of women playing soccer and basketball than any other country 

Norway is ranked among the top three countries in Europe for women playing soccer and basketball.

  1. Iceland was ranked first for happiness in 2016 by World Happiness Report 

World Happiness Report 2016 ranked Iceland first for happiness in Nordic countries. 

  1. Finland had a higher percentage of adults doing the physical activity than any other Nordic country

A higher percentage of Finish adults did at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day throughout the week.

  1. The Nordic sports industry is worth approximately $7- $8 billion

The Nordic sports industry is worth about $11 billion.

  1. Nordic countries have more than 600,000 active athletes

Nordic countries had a total of over 500,000 athletes who are active in Nordic Countries. 

  1. Norway has the most people playing Nordic skiing for an average winter day

Norway has the most Nordic skiing participants on average Nordic skiing day in Nordic Countries.

  1. Sweden produces more bicycles than any other country in the world Europe

Sweden produces about 20% of all bicycles produced throughout Europe and it imports most of its raw materials from outside Sweden’s