College hoops and troops are on their feet as the newest series of the NCAA All Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament draws near. The 2020 March Madness will start on March 17, 2020, featuring at least 64 college and university teams that will compete inside the court.

Throughout the years, March Madness follows the same format of elimination and playoffs season. With this, the selection committee will conduct the seeding and bracketing process to rank a team per division. The bracketing comprises of the East, West, South, and Midwest representatives, respectively.

Aside from the seeding process, the most exciting part of the March Madness season is identifying the teams who will be part of the “First Four.” These are the top teams coming from the four divisions who ranks first in the bracketing. Besides, these teams are going to open the matches for the upcoming NCAA tournament.

The First Four rounds are as important as the National Championship. If you like to know what will happen in this round, let’s get to know some of the March Madness First Four betting trends along wth NCAA spread betting tips that also took place in the past years. It will guide you through in understanding how important this game looks like.

Only One No.1 Seed Was Eliminated in the First Round

As stated, the teams that got into the First Four were the top-ranked team from each respective region. Thus, they are expected to have powerhouse players with impressive basketball skills as they get inside the court.

Throughout the history of the March Madness First Four rounds, there was only one number 1 seeded team who got lost. It was in 2018 when Virginia fell short over UMBC to a score of 49-50.

No.1 Seeds Won 86% Of The First Four Rounds

In the overall March Madness season, the teams who got seeded in the first rank and automatically became part of the First Four are always in the best form to win the matches.  They tallied at least an average of 86% winning percentage in most March Madness season, and most are even advancing to the next round automatically.

No. 1 Seeds Cover the Points Spread

The Points Spread is a betting game in the NCAA tournament that covers both the favorite and the underdogs. So, if the oddsmaker has set a value for two competing teams with less than 20 points in advantage, the First Four teams will cover the “favorites” side.

No. 8 And No. 9 Seeds Are Underdogs

The teams who got seeded under the 8th and 9th ranking were mostly seen always to get lost in many NCAA tournaments. That’s why they are considered underdogs. Although they are under this bracket, it does not mean they are less considered as a tough team to beat.

No. 9 Seeds are Dark Horses

As mentioned above, the No. 8 and No.9 seeds are underdog teams, but they can still work out and show the best in them. In NCAA history, the No. 9 seeds can rise from the ashes and emerge as winners. Apart from that, most of the teams that belong to this ranking will head on to the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight.

The First Four Rounds Are Up For More

The First Four round was a segment added to the March Madness season since 2011. With this, the teams who get the top sport for the seeding process showcase the best offense and defense ability inside the court. For eight years that the First Round has existed, a specific team always wins this round and advances right away to the Sweet Sixteen.

No. 13 Seeds Can’t Get It Enough

Lucky 13 as they say, these teams can equally show an excellent match like the ones who get seeded in the No. 11 and No. 12. They should not be disregarded in the March Madness First Four rounds as they can rise from the bottom to the top.

No. 11 Seeds Are Remarkable

Although the teams who get seeded in the No.11 are less popular, they are considered phenomenal. In the NCAA First Four rounds history, they can emerge as a hard to beat teams and some No.11 seeds who won this round can inch a step to the Elite Eight directly.


The road to the 2020 March Madness has started to roll-out as we are only a few more weeks away. A lot of teams are now partaking in the divisional playoff rounds and do their best to make sure they get into the Top 64 teams of the incoming NCAA season. So, as this event comes closer, you might want to consider the March Madness First Four round trends outlined above so you can cheer for the best college basketball team.