Americans are known for their deep love and passion for sports. The four major leagues are some of the biggest sports organization, not just in the country, but in the world, and quite a few of the biggest sports played around the world today, have their origins in the United States. The most popular of them, globally, is basketball, which in the USA is governed by the National Basketball Association (abbreviated to NBA). 

In the United States, the NBA is one of the biggest sports organizations, second only to the NFL and the MLB. The NBA is also one of the biggest basketball organizations around the world, and certainly the most popular basketball league. It is followed and watched, not just by the residents of the USA, but by people from all around the globe. Were you to take a look at betting sites like the ones found at, you would find that NBA matches are quite popular, and basketball is considered among the most popular betting sports on the websites. 

The NBA Draft

A big part of the National Basketball Association, is the annual draft, which has been in place since the late 1940s. As the name suggests, the NBA Draft is an event, in which teams that participate in the NBA draft college players who are eligible, and willing to participate in the professional league. The draft order is determined by chance, through a lottery, which is a popular event in its own right, and is often televised. In the 2022 iteration of the NBA draft will consist of 58 choices, instead of the traditional 60, as the Milwaukee Bucks and the Miami Heat have been disqualified from choosing, due to a violation of certain tampering rules, that have been set up by the NBA. The first pick of the season was won by Orlando Magic, and the Chicago Bulls have the 18th pick this year.

Chicago Bulls Candidates

The Chicago Bulls are one of the most important teams in NBA history. Not only did they produce one of the greatest players and rosters of all time (with their 1990s roster, headed by Michael Jordan), but they are also largely responsible for the popularization of the National Basketball Association for an international, worldwide audience. 

While the Bulls’ standing in the NBA has fallen significantly over the past few years, in 2021, they managed to recapture some of their former glory, and ended up rising in the ranks of the NBA. They came into 2022 as one of the top teams of the past year, and have been going strong for most of the year, proving that the team has not left its best days behind. 

In the 2022 NBA Draft, the Chicago Bulls got the 18th spot, however, there are already players who are looking to be signed with one of America’s favorite teams. Future NBA stars like Kevin Durant will want to enter the Bulls this year, and quite a lot of prospective players are hoping for a pick by the Bulls. 

Quite a few fans have put forth their ideas for candidates, and among them, the most popular is Jalen Duren. An accomplished center, Duren played college ball for Memphis State, and was among the top picks of 2021. While definitely a great choice, it is hard to believe that Duren will go unchosen all the way to number eighteen, so it is unlikely that he will be seen wearing the iconic, red, angry bullhead on his Jersey in 2022. Apart from Jalen, other notable picks are players like Walker Kessler, on whom fans are divided, Christian Koloko, and Jeremy Sochan, etc. All of these players have shown great prowess on the field, and are likely to be hungry to prove themselves in the pro-scene.