They Like A Lil’ Puff Puff Pass:

Millions of kids across the globe fantasize about growing up and becoming a pro basketball player in the NBA. We’re all on the outside looking into their glamorous lives, but what do they do behind closed doors? Everyone has known that NBA players like to participate in a little puff, puff, pass, and even use CBD tinctures to fight discomfort. I guess that’s why it’s no secret that 50-85% of the NBA utilizes some sort of medical marijuana or CBD composed of hemp or THC. The legalization of marijuana in the league could drastically help many players with a multitude of injuries such as inflammation, recovery time, weight maintenance, and mental focus. Matt Barnes even revealed that all of his best games were played under the influence. Some people are just funcional smokers while the rest of us might just end up a paranoid wreck. Basketball legend, Steve Kerr, even admitted to using marijuana back in 2016 to deal with chronic pain. It’s safe to say that the stats presented are accurate. There has been recent talk about legalizing marajuana use for players, and Kevin Durant has been a huge supporter of this venture since his achilles injury, but most likely before the injury as well. Who can blame them….it is the miracle plant. We will have to stay posted to see if they lift the stigma attached to the miracle plant. I’m sure the players will be happy, because they won’t have to pay those hefty fines anymore. 

They Enjoy Women Fighting Over Them:

They shoot their shot up in the DM’s like everyone else, and secretly enjoy girls fighting over them. I cannot tell you how many times I have been in a club (especially Miami or LA) and witnessed girls, who were friends fighting over the same player. But, the girls want them too, right? Just as some boys dream of being a NBA player, some women dream of “landing” a ball player. So, when that player pops up in her direct messages she is ready, and when she finds out he does the same thing with a dozen other women she is ready to fight (most of the time). Let’s use Tristen Thompson as an example: he had one of the most beautiful women on instagram pregnant (@alleyesonjordyc), left her to be with Khloe Kardashian, got her pregnant, cheated on her with some random groupie, she took her back (kinda), and then got caught up in a situation with Kylie’s best (ex) friend, Jordan. Maybe he is finally feeling remorseful for his womanizing ways because he has been trying to get back with Khloe. There were even pictures online that showed them quarantined together. Another player who has been known to be a DM creeper is James Harden. He is even linked to Khloe Kardashian and rapper, Trina. The two were friends but fell out after two love triangle situations with James Harden and French Montana. Some things will never change, and you can probably count on this song and dance staying the same. The players know they can do whatever they want and the women will play the game with them because they want all the clout….hoping it leads to fame…or at least a few designer bags. 


They All Secretly Want To Be Rappers:

This last one is my favorite. I think all NBA players rap behind closed doors and secretly want to make a new career in music. How many times have we seen this? Not to say they are not capable, but it rarely happens….wait has it ever really happened? I’m sure we all remember Kobe Bryant’s short stint rapping as he was featured on tracks with Brian McKnight, Shaq, and even Destiny’s Child. Kobe is probably an example of a noble attempt (and plus who would ever say anything bad about Kobe), but Shaq on the other hand….let’s all pray he never attempts a rap career again. He actually has a pretty extensive discography if you look it up, but let’s be honest, it only worked because he’s Shaq.  It’s probably because of the two examples listed above that athletes such as Iman Shumpert, Lonzo Ball, and Metta World Peace thought they would give it a shot and succeed. Seems like NBA players will always secretly want to trade places with rappers. 

In all seriousness, the life of a NBA player probably isn’t a walk in the park, but it probably isn’t that bad either. Yes, people will always try to photograph them in private moments because people will always want to know more about them and how they live their lives. We all have our secrets, and they’re just human at the end of the day.