Sports betting is one of the only forms of betting where you can use your knowledge and skills to control the outcome. This is also one of the only forms of betting where bettors can make consistent wins and earn an actual living. Very few bettors end up being successful, however, and it takes a lot of work before you can start winning consistently. Many people also make crucial mistakes at the beginning that lead them to give up sports betting before they can become good at it. Let’s take a look at a few things you need to know about successful sports betting.

The Sport You Choose is Everything

The very first thing you have to do is pick the right sport. You might know a certain sport and have a passion for it, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll be successful betting on it. You might love NHL hockey, for instance, but this is one of the notoriously toughest sports to bet on since it’s so unpredictable and so many factors can affect the game. This is why you need to know which sports are the easiest to bet on, and focus on them if you want to be successful. Sports like boxing and MMA are great options since they only involve two people. It’s also easier to predict the outcome of a fight when you understand how different fighting styles clash.

If you want to bet on team sports, however, it’s also better to go with sports with smaller rosters. This way, you have fewer moving parts to think about. This is one of the reasons why NBA basketball is so popular for betting. There are only ten players on an NBA roster and two or three players on each team dictate the action. Knowing how these players match against different teams is pretty much all you need to do to make consistent predictions.

Gaps in talent in a league also make a sport easier to bet on. This is another reason why the NBA is a great sport to bet on and why so many people will advise that you bet on college football instead of NFL games as the talent is much more lopsided in college football. You do have to know which sports you’re allowed to bet on in your state, however. Even states like West Virginia which have a more liberal approach to gambling have some rules when it comes to online betting. If you live there and you want to know more about these rules, this article tells you all you need to know about them.

Learning About the Sport Inside and Out is Essential

Choosing the right sport is one thing, but your knowledge of a sport is what will ultimately make the most difference in how successful you’ll be with gambling. This is why you should try to learn everything there is to know about a sport, and when we say everything, we mean it. It always helps to know how a certain team’s defense could work against an offense, but sometimes, it’s what’s happening behind the scenes that will allow you to make good predictions and find upset opportunities. For instance, you may learn that a certain team may be having internal issues between players or with a coach. Or maybe a key player is negotiating their contract and is unhappy with the organization.

People who understand the inner workings of a sport may also be able to tell if a certain team might struggle under certain conditions. To the layperson, a team going against the Packers in Green Bay might look like nothing, until you realize that certain teams do horrible in cold climates. Or they may not understand how a packed but old team like the Lakers may struggle in a back-to-back game against a young team that’s fast in transition. This is why you need to make it your job to learn as much as you can about a game before you even consider betting on it.

Forget Your Bias

Being biased is easily one of the worst things when betting. You cannot let your fanaticism for a team, or a fighter, affect your judgment. You have to look at matchups with an impartial eye and account for the weaknesses and strengths of each side. You also have to be able to bet against a team or player you love if you see opportunities there. If you feel like being impartial might be a problem to you, then bet on teams, players, or fights you are emotionally detached from.

These are just some of the things you have to do if you want to be consistently successful with online betting. Everything else comes with practice and discipline, so start small and work your way up once you’ve found a strategy that works for you.