When it comes to betting, there can be a lot to know. And if you’re a beginner, seeing some of the language used, such as “acca”, and references to special offers, it can be a bit intimidating. 

In this guide, we’ll provide you with essential information contained in three tips that we feel every beginner bettor should know. In particular, we’ll discuss welcome bonuses, how to increase your odds on bets, and explain one of the latest crazes in the betting world – simulated sports. 

Welcome bonuses

If you’re taking those first steps into the world of betting, you may have checked out a few different websites and betting companies to see which of them may work for you. There are many things to consider, but one of the more interesting elements is the welcome bonus that they offer. 

Gambling is a competitive industry. There are lots of companies all itching to have you play with them. This makes it a buyer’s market, meaning you can reap the benefits of some pretty good welcome bonuses.

These bonuses are designed to get you to sign up. But you can actually make a lot of money off the back of them. 

For example, a popular welcome offer is the matched first bet bonus. A betting company essentially agrees to match your first bet or your first deposit – up to a set figure. This could be as high as $1,000, and some even go as high as $2,000. So, if you deposit $1,500, you’ll get an extra $1,500 on top to spend. 

Other types of welcome bonuses you could receive include free spins on slot machines. This could be for a certain type of game. These freebies enable you to play the different games that a sportsbook or casino offers before you begin spending your own money.

How to get better odds with accumulators

If you like to watch sports and have checked out some odds on certain fixtures, you may sometimes doubt whether there is even any point to placing a bet. For example, the odds could be so stacked in the favor of one team there can be little to be gained.

Something you can do to improve those odds, however, is to back that team, along with two, three or four others. For even greater odds, you can keep going. The more results you try to predict, the greater the odds.

This string of predictions is known as an accumulator, or “acca”. Each prediction accumulates the odds and can provide you with potentially significant payouts.

The trick with accumulators is that you’re not predicting the outcome of just one game, which can be hard enough. Instead, you have to predict the outcome of four or five fixtures. And if you’re a fan of football or basketball, you’ll know just how common upsets are. 

Some betting companies offer you the ability to cash out on accumulators. This means that you can settle your bet, even with games yet to be played, for lower odds. For example, if you’ve backed four teams and three of them have won, you can elect to cash out your bet before the final team plays.

You can bet on simulated sports as well as real matches

One of the biggest growing trends in the betting world at the moment is simulated sports, which includes football matches and horse racing. Other fantasy sports are baseball, basketball, golf, tennis and mixed martial arts (MMA)

Matches are played by the computer and bettors predict the outcome. 

Despite hundreds of real-life sports matches taking place every day across the globe, that’s still not enough! Simulated games allow people to play 24 hours a day. And that’s why fantasy sports have grown in popularity.

Some people prefer simulated sports to real matches. The basic principles are the same – you have to review the odds, check the information surrounding each team, and make a judgement call. However, with simulations, you can place less weight on factors such as past matchups and coaching experience of the managers. It’s more the statistical elements that can be tracked easiest on paper that hold the most weight.

In summary

You may feel a little intimidated by all the new words and phrases when you first step into the betting world. It may put you off entirely. But there’s plenty of advice available, such as guides like this. So keep an eye out for welcome bonuses, bet wisely with accumulators, and explore simulated sports as well as the real.