Across Europe and the United States, soccer draws in droves of fans that enjoy the thrill of the game. Whether you know it by its Americanized name of “soccer” or the more traditional “football,” you’re going to want to access that appreciation for the sport wherever you go. To do so, you’ll want to take a gander at these 3 tips that will help you choose the right soccer app for you.

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Keep Up To Date on Soccer with Sports Channels or

One of the more difficult aspects of being a superfan of any sport is keeping up to date on all of the news that rolls out. You have a life and you have work, which means you can’t always be sitting in front of the TV waiting for the latest soccer news to drop. Lucky for you, there are quite a few apps that put you right in touch with the latest details coming out of the MLS, NWSL, and other leagues. Keep abreast on local and international news with apps that compile details from the most trusted sports networks. 

Why bounce between different network apps to ensure you’re getting every bit of soccer news that filters out of the league when you can get it all from one or two sport channel apps. Having a consolidated set of sources also ensures you’re getting the news that you’re most interested in, specifically if you are particularly invested in a specific league.   

Pinpointing which apps are best for soccer fans such as yourself can feel like a chore, especially since there may seem like there’s a sea of them. Rather than scroll through countless available apps, hoping to stumble upon the one that stands out as a reliable resource, our searches brought us to a collection that’s the ideal start for someone in your inquisitive position.

Best 10 Soccer Apps

Watch the Games Unfold Wherever You Are With Live Scores

It’s not easy to be in front of a television for every soccer game, especially when you consider that there are upwards of 380 matches in any given season. Try as you might, you are going to come across a game that you simply can’t watch at home. That doesn’t mean you have to be completely separated from the action. 

The wonders fo the internet and smartphone apps have made it possible to keep up with current games and scores without having to sit down and watch the game. There are apps available that can connect you to games all across the globe, ensuring you don’t miss any of the important details. Just want a score update or the highlights of a particular player? Are there multiple games in one day you want to follow? Having this information is made so much easier with the multitude of downloadable soccer apps.

If you’re used to feeling like you can’t follow the game because it’s not broadcast in your language or uses a different system of measurements, soccer streaming apps make it possible to watch games in ways native to you. This isn’t even the pinnacle of keeping up with live soccer games as supported apps continue to receive updates that further enhance the experience.

Follow Drafts and League Announcements to Stay “In the Know” 

If you’re a big soccer fan, chances are you have a specific player that you like to keep an eye on. Following along with their draft and view their stats with an app that isn’t just about providing a live viewing experience. When you’re picking the best soccer app for your needs, you need to consider what you’re looking for, such as specific league announcements. Choose an app that caters to your preferences, whether you only like to remain up to date on the Premier League or want to expand your knowledge base to FIFA and the World Cup.

With the right app, you can keep your eye on player drafts and important announcements for specific leagues without sacrificing real-time scores and game stats. Apps open up your horizons to be able to follow leagues, players and matches anywhere in the world regardless of where you may live.


At this point, the soccer fan inside of you is probably itching to start looking for the app that best fits what you’re looking for. Whether it’s live games, player stats, league announcements, or general soccer news, you can be connected to it all right on your smartphone.

From one soccer fan to another, we understand the passion for the sport and hope to have steered you in a helpful direction.