With the summer setting in different parts of the world, people are craving different outdoor sport’s activities. And with the pandemic intact, some sporting facilities may be closed. However, it doesn’t matter if you are looking to compete in a school competition or over 60 years of age, the article elaborates on some of the most popular yet casual sporting activities to follow this summer. Try the mentioned activities and stay fit.

Water sports

Water sports such as canoeing and kayaking are the kind of upper body workouts. Often injured runners are recommended to make use of such water sports. It is because while kayaking or canoeing, a person experiences pressure on the upper body without using lower body parts such as knees. Therefore, these two are also considered as best cross-running exercises.

From swimming to fishing and surfing, there are numerous water sports you can adopt. And if you are looking for affordable surfing kites to buy, you must check the sport’s store near you. You can find good deals.

Another popular type of water sports is crew or commonly called rowing. It is a team sport and is performed as a group exercise. You can join any rowing club near you after passing their competitive test. The greatest advantage of rowing is that it can be performed both on the water and inland. Like you can row on a rainy day as there are several kinds of rowing machines available at the gym.

It doesn’t matter who you are crewing with; rowing is a significant workout. From using all body muscles to strengthening your back and legs, rowing offers many benefits. Plus, you can burn more calories as compared to cycling.

Play Tennis

Recommended as the sport for a lifetime, playing tennis improves leg strength. Sport’s analysts recommend tennis as the best sport for both anaerobic and aerobic exercise. Making a player agile, tennis assists in improving coordination.

Moving almost every muscle of your body, tennis is recommended as the best exercise for your heart. Making you flexible and active, you master the art of coordination and balance through tennis. Although the game evolves with the age, still world-renowned tennis players including Roger Federer and Nadal call it one of the highest impact sport. And it doesn’t matter whether you are making an effort or sprinting slower, tennis is still a feasible option.

Practice Golf

Even though golf is not the best alternative to combat your cardiovascular diseases, but still playing it makes you feel lively and active. It is because this kind of sport does not involve any exertion or high action. Therefore, if you are looking forward to sustaining your cardiac activities; maintaining an additional sport besides gold can be quite helpful. Plus, it will never affect your ability to play gold. Hitting the gym or playing another sport in combination with gold enhances your game i.e. golf.

Golf is often described as a game of all ages. Hence, many retired players that were once affiliated with different sports including basketball, tennis, or cricket eventually play golf. Plus, completing a game and walking 18 holes can take more than 2000 calories. Such an amount of calories is burnt by walking a total of 5 miles. Plus, it requires both mental and physical strengths. Therefore, we may call golf a moderate form of exercise.

Go Cycling

Cycling does not mean that you are to win Tour de France. Therefore, those who say that for experiencing cycling benefits, you have to travel and cycle for thousands of miles are simply lying. It is because cycling was never meant for simply taking part in international tours and winning. The sheer spirit behind cycling is to stay active.

Regardless of the age; as many riders ride through open roads while in their late years. For them, cycling is a purely recreational activity for those who don’t love cycling in the countryside while experiencing a cool and calm breeze. Therefore, it can be regarded as the best type of cross-training exercise.

In addition, cycling is never linked to exertion. Like there are minimal chances of someone to wear down a ligament or cartilage. We may link cycling to swimming as both of the exercises exert little pressure and stress on the body. However, if done regularly and properly, cycling offers similar advantages to that of swimming. From strengthening muscles to increasing stamina and flexibility; cycling keeps a person in shape and active. Along with these advantages, you can experience a clear improvement in heart muscles and lungs. And cycling is the best remedy to cure depression and anxiety. Moreover, with the help of cycling, you get exposed to new people. As far as safety is concerned, always wear a helmet and make use of reflectors.

For older cyclists or those with health conditions that limit their physical abilities and endurance, a great way to enjoy cycling without straining yourself is to use an electric bike. Many electric bikes have a power-assist feature that makes pedaling a breeze and helps you catch a short break when you’re tired. You can also ride it like you would a regular bike when you want to work up a sweat and improve your fitness.