Testosterone is one of the core hormones that sustain the male human body. The sad bit about this vital hormone is that it is only secreted immensely when one is a teen or in his 20s. It is also produced in women, albeit in small quantities in the ovaries. After one turns 30, the rate of production of testosterone declines by about 1.6% every passing year. People around this age will start feeling a few changes. There is a general decline in body strength. In addition, libido levels start going down, and people will usually start feeling fatigued easily.

There are many ways to counter the gradual decrease in testosterone hormone secretion rates. Working out is one of them. This usually calls for one to start lifting weights. However, not every other person is ready to make regular gym visits every week. Some people opt for testosterone supplements to fill this gap. Nonetheless, there is a need to know what makes a testosterone supplement safe and effective. You need to know the key ingredients to look for before making a purchase. We will expound on them below:

D-Aspartic Acid

Normally, the body secrets its own D-aspartic acid. For instance, when you look at an in-depth analysis of Testoprime, you will find that this is one of the core ingredients in the supplement. This is an amino acid that the human body uses as a triggering molecule. The body is triggered to synthesize and release testosterone hormone through this amino acid. D-aspartic acid triggers the secretion of luteinizing hormone, which in turn triggers the development of testosterone-hormone-secreting cells (Leydig cell). These cells multiply in the male testes as well as in the female ovaries.

Panax Ginseng

This ingredient is known for its immense aphrodisiac effects. It is also known to boost energy levels. Erectile dysfunction is usually caused by oxidative stress. Panax ginseng boosts the secretion of nitric oxide, thus boosting blood circulation and reducing oxidative stress. Panax ginseng contains many diverse, active ingredients.

It is quite cumbersome to pinpoint which compound actually contributes to its ability to boost the production of the testosterone hormone. On top of the elevated levels of testosterone hormone secretion, Panax ginseng boosts the immune system. This is handy for individuals battling cancer and those bound to undergo chemotherapy. A supplement containing this as a key ingredient is highly recommended.

Vitamin B6

This is a water-soluble vitamin. The body is not capable of secreting this vitamin. To counter this, people are advised to take meals containing dairy products as well as meat since they are rich in this vitamin. If these are hard to come by or you may be a vegan, supplements containing this vitamin will come in handy. B6 reduces the rate at which estrogen is produced in the body, thus reducing its dominance and allowing for testosterone hormone secretion.

Vitamin D3

This vitamin works well when taken for a considerable amount of time. We can acquire this nutrition through exposure to sunlight. Meals and supplements may also help raise vitamin D3 levels in the body. The testes have receptors that are sensitive to vitamin D3, which, when triggered, elevate testosterone levels.

Also, vitamin D3 is good at suppressing excessive cholesterol levels. This means that the testosterone hormone is kept at healthy levels since it is created from cholesterol.


This compound is found in minerals, such as vitamins, potassium, and iron. Fenugreek helps in the suppression of bad cholesterol in the body. It also decreases the rate at which glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestines. Other benefits that come with this testosterone supplement ingredient include increased energy as well as heightened libido.

The active compounds in fenugreek are furostanolic saponins, widely known to boost testosterone hormone levels in the body.


When introduced into the human body, L-arginine turns into nitric oxide. This compound acts by broadening blood vessels. It is also responsible for the secretion of adrenaline. The combined benefits of broader blood vessels and increased adrenaline indirectly boost the testosterone hormone’s production since individuals can work out or become excessively active and build muscles. L-arginine also makes the testosterone hormone already in circulation in the bloodstream even more active. It also improves the functions of the testes in the process. The compound boosts the production of luteinizing hormone, which is responsible for the secretion of testosterone. Supplements containing this compound will boost testosterone hormone levels as well as offer many other benefits.