Are you looking for a few ways to reduce the built-up stress that comes with living in the 2020s? As if global pandemics, a worsening economy, and natural disasters weren’t enough, we all have our own, personal challenges to deal with. The collective impact of it all can send stress levels into the stratosphere. Can anything be done to take the edge off, to make days and nights just a tiny bit more tolerable? The light at the end of the tunnel is that just about anyone can fight against stress in all kinds of ways. See if any of the following suggestions can do the job for you.

Do Zone Out Sessions

The thrice-daily sessions are called many things, but you’ll mostly hear them referred to as zone sittings, or zone out sessions. What are they? Simply find a private place, eliminate excess sound, sit comfortably, and do absolutely nothing for about five minutes. If light is a problem, wear a headband or cloth over your eyes. Aim for a mid-morning, late afternoon, and early evening spacing of your sittings, and you’ll soon notice how utterly refreshing mini breaks can be.

Use a Vaporizer

Vaping is one of the great social trends of the century. When many decided to take advantage of technological advances of modern vaporizers, the practice began to take off in earnest about two decades ago. Now, the marketplace is packed with products that offer a relaxing, low-cost, simple way to enjoy a few moments of private time. If you decide to shop for a unit, make sure to pay close attention to the heat source. That’s because the best models, like the Volcano Classic Vaporizer, are both safe and reliable. Their convection heater makes it impossible to combust the herbs you place into the unit, which is a key benefit of all advanced products in the niche.

Listen to Subliminal Music

Subliminal relaxation music has been around for decades. The instrumental pieces include soothing message that are almost imperceptible to the human ear. However, if you listen very carefully, it is possible to hear the whispered words in some pieces. Whether they work for you or not is the question. Some discover that they can reach very deep states of calmness, while others do not. However, there are endless free resources on the internet, so give subliminal music a try and see if it helps bring a dose of serenity to your hectic days.

Discover the Power of Warm Water

Many have been seeking out natural springs for thousands of years. The warm, swirling waters, most of which are mineral rich, can deliver an overall sense of calm after just a few minutes of partial immersion. Sitting and soaking in a warm bath tub is a close substitute. You won’t get the mineral effect in an ordinary bath tub, but the warm water can bring an instant burst of restfulness and help soothe tense muscles. Experiment with adding one or two drops of your favorite essential oils to the water, thoroughly mixing it in, and letting the aroma add to the overall effect.