49ers Team President Al Guido told Bloomberg’s “Business of Sports” podcast that Bosa was asked about his praise for Donald Trump and hate for Colin Kaepernick on Twitter, but the team didn’t consider the issue in deciding to draft Bosa.

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Via The San Francisco Chronicle:

“Not at all,” Guido said. “It doesn’t mean we didn’t do background on the kid, doesn’t mean we didn’t bring it up and ask him the question, but look — if we’re going to get in a world where we’re not drafting Republicans or not drafting Democrats. . . . The way that I think about it is, ‘he’s a young kid, he had a perspective.’ That perspective is fine, some of other stuff he did I think was a little insensitive and needs to learn from.”

Guido said Bosa had good answers to those questions and the 49ers aren’t concerned.

“Honestly, I spent no time worrying about it, I know John Lynch spent no time worrying about it, we worry about the kid himself, not necessarily his political leanings,” he said.

He also said that fan reaction to the selection was “really positive”

“Everything has been really positive. I think Nick did a nice job talking about some of the mistakes he made,” Guido said. “I think fans generally understand these are still kids… I was joking with my wife, like, if you gave me a social media account when I was 17 years old — look, he made mistakes. He made insensitive comments that he’s now obviously apologized for and he has a lot to learn.”

Bosa said before the draft that he would stop tweeting about politics because he might get drafted in San Francisco.

Either way it seems the 49ers brass couldn’t care less. 

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