Via Pro Football Talk:

“Totally. Definitely. Jimmy’s an easy guy to talk to about that type of stuff,” Shanahan said. “Jimmy and I are pretty honest with each other. I told him exactly really what I’ve told you. And it’s also fun to talk to him about this type of stuff. ‘Cause I mean, he worked with Tom. He knows how great Tom is. Jimmy wants to get to there. And it’s important to me that he does, too. I would love to have something like what [Bill] Belichick and Tom have had out there. Those are my expectations. It’s cool when something like this comes up that leads to conversations that Jimmy and I have had. And he knows those are my expectations and it’s cool that I know that they’re his, also.”

They’re off to a decent start.  Shanahan still has to figure out how to keep 4th quarter leads in the Super Bowl, but getting there is a pretty good first step.

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