It goes without saying that baseball has earned its popularity by being one of the favourite pastimes among American citizens. Through movies and TV shows, the rest of the world also got the chance to fall in love with this sport and start practicing it. 

Some of the best baseball players eventually end up playing for the USA league called MLB (Major Lague Baseball). In this article, we’ll take a look at the X best baseball players that have marked the last decade.

Mike Trout

All sports and betting fans who enjoy baseball have a favourite player that they would always wager on. Fans of baseball who like to spend their time on a new online casino that is both in English and in Dutch, have surely heard of the name Mike Trout at least once in their lifetime. Mike Trout was the best baseball player and has won the MVP title in seven out of eight seasons in the previous decade. This makes him one of the favourite players among sport and betting fans that like to see the best out of baseball. Trout has definitely placed the Los Angeles Angles among the best baseball teams that ever existed.

Clayton Kershaw

With one MVP award and eight All-Star titles, Clayton Kershaw marked the 2010 decade and the baseball in the USA. In the past ten seasons, Kershaw positioned himself as the best pitcher of his generation. He became the first pitcher in the history of US baseball to lead the league in ERA. Kershaw managed to do that for consecutive seasons, from 2011 to 2011. No one can deny that Clayton Kershaw is one of the best players that LA Dodgers has ever had. 

Max Scherzer

At the beginning of the decade, no one could have imagined that Max Scherzer will become a player that will leave a historic mark on the MLB. His ERA was 3,89, all through 2010, 2011, and 2012. However, something happened and Max Sherzer levelled up his game. After winning a Cy Young in AL and NL, he officially became the first pitcher to achieve this. He played for Detroit Tigers and Washington Nationals, and he is without any doubt a player that marked the 2010s.

Miguel Cabrera

Having won 5 Silver Sluggers, 7 All-Star titles, and 2 MVP awards, it is safe to say that Miguel Cabrera is one of the best baseball players of the last decade. Even though he only had 31 home runs in the last three seasons, Cabrera still managed to stay one of the best hitters that the Detroit Dodgers ever had. In 2012, Cabrera managed to complete the first Triple Crown, and he led the league in home runs, runs batted, and batting average. This right-handed slugger also won four AL batting titles in the period between 2011 to 2015. 

Justin Verlander 

The hero of both Detroit Tigers and Houston Astros, Verlander ended up as one of the top two in Cy Young voting four times. He was also the first one to win both AL Cy Young and MVP since Roger Clemens did it in 1986. Moreover, in 2017, he won the ALCS MVP title with an ERA of only 0,56. t