Having your driver taken care of is a massive relief. From the middle of any fairway, you’ll have an easier time conquering any golf course. From beginners to professionals, I’m sure all of them will relate to this.

When it comes down to choosing the one, the best driver for a high handicap is the one that prevents a beginner from becoming a high handicapper. When searching for a driver, high handicappers usually look for features such as low spin, distance, and forgiveness. However, your swing speed and personal preferences should also be considered when you select or shortlist your options for purchase.

In an effort to equip you with as much information as possible, we have written this article to assist you to find the best driver for high handicappers.


Cobra has emerged increasingly popular for its long, straight, and easy-to-hit drivers. Your first impression of this Cobra RADSPEED XD will be its aesthetics. RADSPEED pushes 70% of its weight forward to maximize energy transfer and minimize spin. The typical golfer, after all, wants their driver to have more distance and accuracy. Additionally, it helps you align the ball perfectly and frames it nicely along with the distance you are about to achieve. 

In contrast to most drivers, with Cobra RADSPEED XD your ball flight will be straight and penetrate the air differently. You will get those extra yards even from mishit because it is long and forgiving. This driver isn’t as expensive as some other high-end models.

Callaway Epic MAX

Arguably Callaway Epic Max is Callaway’s best work so far. Callaway has long led the way when it comes to providing the most cutting-edge technology. Their latest technology incorporates two small vertical bars and horizontal brackets right behind the clubhead to increase stiffness and spread flex evenly across the entire face which results in a huge sweet spot and an increased face flex for additional distance.

With this driver, you’ll get great distance, great forgiveness, and a high launch that will ensure your ball flies high in no time at all. It is a perfect choice for high handicaps wanting effortless distance and forgiveness.

TaylorMade SIM2 Max

TaylorMade SIM2 Max is much like the TaylorMade SIM Max driver but slightly more forgiving, lighter, and longer. TaylorMade could reallocate weight to the front of the club to maximize  MOI and minimize mishits by decreasing the weight by removing all of the titanium from the driver and replacing it with carbon except for the face of course. 

The driver’s aerodynamic shape will benefit high handicappers by providing some additional speed and distance. With the new face cup design, you’ll have an enormous sweet spot and plenty of forgiveness.

Tour Edge Exotics C721

Tour Edge Exotics C721 driver produces a trampoline effect at impact. A unique feature of the driver is the “Diamond Face,” which places small diamond shapes at the back of the driver’s face. This adds to the feel, distance, and forgiveness. Even mishits travel far and straight due to these diamond shapes. The dual carbon wings provide an optimal center of gravity placement. Consequently, the spin is minimized and the alignment is improved too.  

This driver is excellent for high handicappers as it offers low-spin, high launch and increased and effortless distance. It is one of the most accurate drivers available. In comparison to other clubs, it has all the features that most beginners want that too at an affordable price. 

Ping G425 Max

Another great driver to fix a slice is the Ping G425 Max. The drive falls in the category of the most solid and stable drivers with a high MOI. In the category of distance, it also does well. Even if you do get a mishit, it will still go further and straighter than most. A slice is usually a problem for beginners and players with a high handicap.

There are no drivers on this list that compare with the Ping G425 when it comes to how far the ball moves left. It has a very low spin rate and feels great at impact. This driver has a high launch, making it great for high handicappers.

High handicappers can find it difficult to choose the best driver for them. Hopefully, this article will assist you in making the decision regarding the right driver and meeting all the other criteria on your list.