Have you ever thought of cutting the cable cord, but still, you would like to enjoy live sports streaming? Unfortunately, many fear doing so because they feel they won’t watch their favorite games. But that’s not the case because we have many live streaming TV networks available, making it easier for you to stream your favorite sports without cable or subscriptions for satellite.

You can stream from anywhere in the world because a TV guide provides the schedule of all programs. In addition, it includes what’s available to watch on any day, making it easier to know the day and the time your favorite game will be available.

Unfortunately, some of the channels that bring us live sports events have gotten blocked in New Zealand, and one needs a VPN to unlock them. Nevertheless, below are some of the best TV networks to stream your favorite game.

Hulu + live TV

Hulu+ live TV is easily accessible despite your location. One only requires a streaming device that supports live TV coverage to stream games. In addition, Hulu enables you to record up to 50 hours of games and watch them during your free time. It is possible to upgrade this live recording time to 200 hours.

Hulu consists of many channels for you to choose from and would prove to be an excellent option replacement for cable. Hulu has an exquisite personalized experience that recommends your favorite sports selected. On Hulu, you can watch live coverage on your two screens all at the same time. You can also receive notifications of upcoming games.

YouTube TV

The best platform to watch live games is YouTube TV. It provides user-friendly Digital Video Recorder features. Moreover, its price is a reasonable one starting at $64.99. The price is generally lower compared to others.

Recording your live shows is only limited to your device’s storage space, and no limit on the hours’ worth of shows you can record. With YouTube TV, you can use a default three devices at once per account. In addition, each account has a personal library space and can keep records for up to 9 months.

You can also get access to unique add-ons and a great lineup of your favorite games. In addition, the devices you can use your YouTube TV account on are almost unlimited because you can access it even from your game console. 


For some graphical and quality content on your streaming, FuboTV has you sorted. Without using a cable, you can broadcast live TV on Fubo. It has over 100 channels for news, shows, and, most importantly, streaming your favorite games.

The cost starts from $64.99 monthly and operates on a month-to-month basis. In addition, users can use a single subscribed account on up to three streaming devices simultaneously.

Fubo allows you to watch a wide variety of games, from football, soccer, basketball to tennis and other popular games. In addition, Fubo allows subscribers to record and save up to 1000 hours’ worth of content they enjoy. 

The quality one can stream on Fubo goes up to 4K resolution, which is the highest compared to other sport streaming broadcasters. The fuboTV app is enough to stream your favorite games. Also, check out how Raider has cut CB Arnette after a video with threats. 

Paramount +

Paramount + has a friendly budget that gives you access to all your favorite games with a decent variety of sports to follow up. Its annual charges start from $49.99, and it provides high-quality streams for games and other shows. The quality supported reaches up to 4K.

With Paramount +, users get a comprehensive library of content they prefer over others. In addition, offline downloads are possible when using Paramount +, and they are allowed for up to a maximum of 25 videos of any show, and they remain saved in your library.

The recorded videos are available for thirty days, after which you may have to download them again. Because one can use a single Paramount + subscription on five devices and stream with them simultaneously, each device can also download a maximum of 25 videos individually.


From Disney and Hearst Communications, ESPN+ offers thousands of live sport events and is the leading sports streaming service. The streaming performance is outstanding, and It goes to great lengths to enable offline downloads on mobile. Rates start at $69.99 annually, and one can access it on any connected device.

To watch your favourite sports on ESPN+, one only needs to sign up on their website or access it as part of The Disney Bundle. The maximum number of devices an ESPN account can cater for is three. ESPN has you hooked up on everything you need to know to be up to date for the most extensive sports-related entertainment and statistics.


For game enthusiasts, these channels provide the best conditions for streaming games. Suppose one is willing to go a bit deep into their pockets. The sports TV networks in the list have a good rating from users and are globally recognized. 

They have broadcasting rights to most live games, and they provide quality videos for streaming. The recording options are essential as they enable users to watch games at their preferred time.