Everyone at least heard about sports nutrition. This is known not only to athletes but also to those who are at least a little interested in health and sports. Because of this popularity, a lot of rumors, speculation, and myths have appeared. What is true and what is not – you will understand in this article. Catch the top 5 facts about sports nutrition.

Fact 1. When did sports nutrition appear?

Did you know that the first sports supplement in history was developed back in 1934? It was a dry mixture based on plant components that were specially grown on soil with a high content of essential minerals. Such means were intended for athletes, as well as those whose work is associated with increased physical activity.

Fact 2. Sports nutrition varies

Today in the world there are more than a hundred different companies that are engaged in the creation and improvement of various sports supplements. Moreover, for each sport, a set of such food is selected separately. To date, the following main types of additives are distinguished:

  • protein mixtures
  • weight gainers they are carbohydrate smoothies
  • creatine
  • amino acid and multivitamin complexes
  • drugs to strengthen joints and ligaments.

Therefore, before you buy sports nutrition, you should find out the specific purpose for which it is needed.

Fact 3. Sports nutrition and anabolics are not synonyms.

Many ignorant people mistakenly associate sports nutrition with anabolic steroids. Recent drugs are aimed exclusively at muscle growth, and some of them also have certain side effects.

At that time, sports nutrition is a protein shake made only from whey, eggs, soy, and other natural ingredients. Such additives are food concentrates with a minimum amount of fat and maximum content of proteins or carbohydrates.

Also, it needs to be selected correctly depending on what you want – to lose weight, gain muscle mass or increase muscle endurance. For each of these tasks, special additives are suitable that should be consumed in certain proportions and at the right time.

Fact 4. Sports nutrition is very nutritious.

That’s right, 1 gram of a sports supplement equates to approximately 150–180 grams of regular food. So with the help of sports nutrition, you can not only replenish all the necessary reserves of substances in the body but also avoid the problem of overeating, which is very important for weight loss and not only.

Fact 5. Sports nutrition is delicious!

Sports supplements are not only convenient and healthy but also tasty. Today you will find a rich selection of a wide variety of flavors. For example, protein powders can be flavored with fruits, chocolate, vanilla, yogurt, etc. Athletes love to use these mixtures with milk.

As you can see, sports nutrition is not scary, but even useful. The main thing is to choose the right food and use it for its intended purpose. And if you are interested in sports, Parimatch Global can offer you a lot of interesting things in terms of sports betting.