The craze for foosball had been on a high for last few decades. And, if you are here,  you’re probably one of those many people who go crazy after the game too. 

So, here are 5 important tips and techniques to improve your game. We are pretty sure these tips will help you bag a few wins while you are at foosball tables

1. Having your own foosball table

There are obvious advantages to having your own foosball table, and if you have the time you’d be smart to check out a review of best foosball tables. Given that you have greater comfort and the subconscious idea of the grip and structure of your table, it ultimately puts you in a position of great advantage while you are in the game. In fact, unless the opposite player is a serious natural player with a great practice, the owner of the foosball table stands a much (unfairly) greater chance of winning every game over it. Well, the requirement that the owner should have practiced quite a lot over the table goes without saying. provides you with all information you might need for buying game tables.

2. The strategy of serving to yourself

According to the official rules of foosball, during a foosball tournament, the first server is the only one that is supposed to be fair and square. In other words, it is legal in every other service to serve either side- more clearly, it is legal to serve yourself. All you got to do is adding a tad bit of spin over the ball when you drop it on the table so that the ball rolls to your 5 bar rod and not to one of your opponents. If you have good control, this will be a good way to increase the chances of you scoring. Here, note that the strategy will only be used for if you know and can keep control over the ball after you serve your side. The practice is the key.

3. Practice practice and practice!

Yes, as mentioned above. Just like any other game, foosball too is all about practice. Even owning a table won’t mean much without practice. Practice different grip, shots and moves to eventually have your ideal strategies clear.

4. Shooting technique

It is very important, that you master one particular foosball shot on offense rather than trying out different shots in all areas. Many novice players lose because of their tendency to try and copy the shots that other players take. Choose one-shot, master it. Not sure which shot to start trying? Try practicing the snake shot or the pull shot. These are the ones that, if you master, offer great speed and options against the opponent – something that will get you greater chances of a goal. 

The main advantage of having a shot that you really master is that you can make the shot as soon as you find an opportunity- without pausing or taking time to think about the shot you’re about to take.

5. Grip and control

Foosball is all about keeping control. Here are a few tips to have good control and improving your chances of taking a great shot.

  • An earlier tip said that you can serve yourself. But, as we stated then, it is hardly of any use if you do not move swiftly to keep control over the ball. 
  • You can utilize the two-man rod as a means to block the shots from the opponent. You can use it along with the goalie (preferably as a single unit) to prevent direct goal shots from opponents.
  • A thing to note in the context of blocking shots is keeping your eye on the ball and not on the hand moments or rods of the opponent. This because experienced foosball players would pretend or buff a shot in another direction before taking the actual shot in a different direction, possibly scoring a goal.
  • Use your goalie consciously and efficiently. 
  • When the ball is in your control but the opponent seems well-practiced and thus blocking your shots, you can pass the ball back and forth between your goalie and the two-man defense. A little dribbling like that will get you some moments to think of the ideal shot and also to possible to have a moment of lane opening that has to score you one.