Living life as a professional athlete seems like it would be one of the most glamorous jobs in the world. Pro athletes make millions of dollars every year to play the sports that so many people love to watch.

Playing sports for a living is a lot of fun for pro athletes. But just like anyone else who has a job, pro athletes look forward to their off days, too.

Stepping out of the arena every so often allows pro athletes to rest and recharge. It also gives them an opportunity to take part in fun activities that help them take their minds off the rigors that often come along with their regular seasons.

Here are five fun things pro athletes do on their off days.

1. Play Video Games

It’s not exactly a secret that pro athletes love to unwind by playing video games. From Madden to Call of Duty, they like video games of all kinds.

They like them so much that, last year, many NFL teams started to get worried when it appeared as though their players were spending more time playing Fortnite than studying their playbooks.

The Fortnite hysteria has cooled off just a bit as of late. But many pro athletes are still packing their video games and bringing them along with them when they’re out on the road.

2. Go Fishing and/or Hunting

While some pro athletes like taking a high-tech approach to their off days, others rely on Mother Nature to help them get away for a while. They go fishing and hunting and enjoy all that the great outdoors have to offer.

By going fishing and hunting, athletes can slow things down and eliminate a lot of the stress that they feel. It’s why so many of them have jumped on the bandwagon over the years.

3. Watch Movies

Quite a few pro athletes have appeared in movies over time. From LeBron James and Mike Tyson to Dan Marino and Ronda Rousey, people don’t even bat an eye anymore when they see a pro athlete show up on the silver screen.

But there are also plenty of pro athletes who prefer to watch movies as opposed to starring in them. How else can you explain athletes like Floyd Mayweather paying a small fortune to install a two-story movie theater in his home?

4. Hit Up Amusement Parks

You wouldn’t think that an extra tall NBA player like Giannis Antetokounmpo would have much fun at Disney World. He’s too tall to fit on many of the rides.

But that didn’t stop the Milwaukee Bucks superstar from showing up at Disney World over the summer. It hasn’t stopped other pro athletes from visiting amusement parks, either.

5. Visit Escape Rooms

One of the best ways to escape the stresses of your everyday life is by trying to work your way out of an escape room. You’re too busy worrying about how you’re going to get out to be bothered by anything else.

Just ask Tyler Lockett or any of the other athletes taking part in escape rooms these days. They’re a lot of fun and a great way to blow off some steam in the middle of a long season.

Off Days Are Extremely Important to Pro Athletes

Pro athletes are almost always working on their crafts. Outside of playing in games and matches, they also do a lot of film study and attend meetings with their teammates. They have to worry about keeping themselves in great shape, too.

Off days are their chance to kick back and relax. Whether they’re playing video games or visiting escape rooms, they make the most of their days off and soak up every second of them.

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