New York is known for its sports betting. With professional teams like the Yankees, Giants, and Mets all calling this city home, you will find no shortage of games to bet on! But while there are plenty of online bookies in New York, not all are created equal. If you want to experience the best online sports betting in NY, you first need to consider some factors before choosing the right sportsbook.  

1. Type of Gaming

There are two types of sports gaming offered in New York. Spread betting and prop betting. Spread betting is when you buy the outcome of a game at a given spread or line that the bookmaker has established. If you are an underdog, you need to win the game, not just cover the spread

Prop bets are bets on anything related to a game, typically at very long odds. It can be harder to find prop bets on some leagues, such as English football or tennis, but most sports are covered, plus there are various markets on events at the venue, as the number of overtimes. 

The best sportsbooks in New York are the ones that offer the widest selection of games at the highest limits. Some may also offer games that aren’t offered elsewhere, like dog racing, horse racing, and electronic gaming machines. If there are any niche sports you like to bet on, you should be sure they are available at the sportsbook you ultimately decide to join.

2. Minimum Bet

First things first, let’s start by going over the two most essential factors in finding a good sportsbook: the minimum bet and the betting budget. These two factors add up to give us an idea of how much we can wager in a month. To find the betting budget, you have to look at the minimum bet. The minimum bet will tell you how much you can wager on a single event, depending on your odds.

The minimum bet required at most New York sportsbooks is $20 but be cautious since you will need to have at least $200 on your betting account. However, the good news is that you can start with $10.

3. Sports Offered

You can find New York Sportsbooks with odds on just about any sport imaginable. It’s essential to focus on each sportsbook since each is different, and you will want to be sure they offer the types of bet options and bonuses you want.

There are so many sportsbooks offering New York sports betting now. It’s essential to find a book that provides the sports you want to bet on and you understand best. Many sportsbooks offer less popular sports like Soccer and Tennis. If that’s the sport you want to focus on, then that may be the right place for you.

Everyone knows the sports offered will vary, but you might not know that each book will have different offerings. For example, some books like New York Sportsbooks will focus more on baseball and horseracing, while others like Bookmakers might focus more heavily on American football. You should pick a book that offers the sports you want to play.

4. Non-Gaming Amenities

When choosing a new sportsbook, it’s essential to realize that other features go into the experience besides betting lines. Whether it’s live music, gourmet food, VIP suites, or good old-fashioned cash prizes, non-gaming amenities, which may also include betting promotions, can be what makes some sportsbooks stand out from the rest. 

You may find aspects of the casino that appeal to you, even if you aren’t into gaming. Everything from the nightclubs to the buffets, including room service, can attract your sportsbook needs. Nearly every book offers these kinds of non-gaming amenities, but you should know which books come with them before making your decision.

5. Location of Licensed Sportsbooks

A sports betting site’s location is probably one of the essential elements to consider when choosing a bookmaker. You will want to make sure the book is licensed and regulated under your state or country’s law to ensure they run a fair and honest operation.

For example, if you’re living in New York, you likely won’t be looking to place any wagers with an overseas sportsbook that the state hasn’t licensed and regulated. As well as ensuring you’re gambling at a legitimate US-based book, you’ll also want to think about how significant of a distance it is from your physical location.

The location of these online bookies is critical. Sports bettors are creatures of habit, so it makes sense to choose a nearby online betting site. You want to get in and out of the sports betting site as quickly as possible, which means you will be able to stay focused on the games.


In the world of online sports betting, sometimes it isn’t easy to know which New York Sportsbook to choose from for betting. There are many options available to bet online, and it is essential to make an intelligent choice. Of course, gambling can be a risky business, so you want to make sure that you are betting with the best New York sportsbooks possible.