Have you just entered your high school or college years? If so, get ready to write good quality, researched-based essays. We’ve put together the five most common challenges you may face to help you overcome them and write a perfect piece. 

Trouble Beginning the Essay

An impressive and compelling essay needs a good hook in the intro. To write that hook, many students spend hours brainstorming and speculating. That very first sentence of your draft is no doubt the most complicated, and it may take most of your time. So, how to resolve the issue? If you’ve skipped the pre-writing stage, this issue is inevitable. So, make sure you do the initial research before writing your draft. Read as many relevant sources as possible and create an outline. Doing so will help you open up your mind to various ideas. Besides, it will help you start your essay without spending hours wondering how to start it. Even then, if you feel stuck, you can seek help from a cheap essay writing service Canada. But, make sure the service is reliable. 

Finding Strong Arguments

Another common problem that students face is coming up with solid arguments. Many students simply use arguments that have been repeatedly discussed. Doing so doesn’t give an excellent impression to the professor. So, how do you come up with ideas and arguments that are unique and interesting? Reading and researching your topic will help you find interesting studies and reading material. This will allow you to find compelling arguments. Then, you can choose a different angle to present your ideas. 

Finding the Right Vocabulary

Using topic-related vocabulary and a mix of simple and complex sentences is the key to scoring excellent marks. But this is something many students struggle with. If you’re writing on a business or marketing-related topic, you must use subject-related jargon such as

  • Copywriting;
  • CRM – Customer relationship management;
  • CTA – Call to action;
  • Gated content;
  • Drip.

Using topic-related vocabulary is a game-changer and can level up the quality of your content. From traveling to artificial intelligence, whatever the topic is, ensure you are using the correct language. Also, make sure your essay has a nice blend of simple, compound, and complex sentence structures. However, if this all seems too overwhelming, you can get help from a reliable essay writing service Canada. Their writers will make sure you submit the best work.

Finding Strong Evidence

It is yet another crucial element in crafting a compelling essay. But, finding substantial evidence to support your arguments is not as simple as ABC. It requires effort and time. You need to read various books, research articles, and other sources to use strong evidence to back your ideas. Thereby, it is crucial to spend time in the pre-writing stage that is researching and reading. Many students underestimate this stage, so they have to go through these writing problems. When doing your research on the topic, keep taking notes. Besides, you need to jot down the following elements:

  • Basic ideas that arise in your mind; 
  • Compelling arguments;
  • Evidence such as stats, facts, real-life examples from the sources. 

Noting down the relevant sources and evidence will help you cite them easily. Then, if it seems like a hassle and you can’t seem to do it on your own, find the best essay writing Canada to help you with it. 


Many students don’t pay attention to this step. Others feel stuck or do the wrong formatting. How many paragraphs are enough? What structure of the essay is perfect to score high grades? How to maintain the flow of the paper? What referencing style is the examiner looking for? Is it APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago? All these questions need to be addressed before the essay hits the floor.

Moreover, formatting also includes refining the essay. Editing and proofreading the paper is also essential aspect of writing. Many students end up wasting all the hard work by putting less time into this step. Therefore, a lot of care, attention, and effort have to bring out a top-notch essay. First, ensure the essay is read at least thrice to get the desired results. Then, ask a friend or colleague to do the final touches. At times, the writer cannot critique their writing, so getting it done by a friend or senior at college is better. Also, make sure the spelling, punctuation, and grammar are sorted out in this step. 

Here, you are well aware of all the common challenges you may face when crafting an essay. Getting familiar with them will help you avoid them and create a write-up that leaves an impression. So, make sure you keep these challenges in mind and follow our tips to overcome them.