Golf is no more a man-dominated sport, am I right? More and more women are entering the green territory and becoming professionals and winning championships. But maybe you have a long way to go until you get there. Or maybe you’re just looking forward to playing a decent round of golf for fun. Either way, here are the best women’s golf swing tips for beginners.

No doubt, it can be challenging to not only use but also strike the golf club to produce good shots. Even though the learning curve is pretty steep, it all seems worth it when you witness your drive traveling high and far.

But you may have to cover some ground before you get there…

First and Foremost, Buy the Right Golf Clubs

If you’re a woman and a beginner, then it’s highly likely that your swing speed is slower. In that case, buy nothing but the best ladies golf clubs for beginners. As a newbie, it works in your favor to stay away from too fancy golf equipment. Rather choose clubs that compensate for your weaknesses.

That said, the most suitable golf clubs for women are those with a lightweight graphite shaft. In comparison to stainless steel, graphite is lighter, thus easier to swing.

Even the shaft flex matters. Golf clubs for women feature Ladies shaft flex. This amount of flex in the shaft is perfect for maximizing your performance. By improving distance, accuracy, and trajectory.

But, more importantly, such factors contribute a great deal when it comes to making up for your slower swing speed as a woman golfer and a beginner.

Top 5 Women’s Golf Swing Tips for Beginners

  1. Bending at the hips

Instead of bending at your knees, tilt your body at your hips for proper posture, athletic stance, and optimal swing balance. Bending at your knees, on the other hand, forces the golf club into an upward and downward action. Rather the club ought to produce a circular movement around your body.

  1. Correcting your grip

After all, the grip with your club is your only contact with it. And that places a lot of pressure on a proper grip form. With an unsound grip, you’re more likely to begin your swing incorrectly. That movement, no doubt, is bound to set you up for a complete disaster.

That said, here’s a video you might want to check out for correcting your golf club grip…

[YouTube video:]

  1. Swing with a relaxed approach

One of the most important golf swing tips for beginners ladies is keeping your swing fluid. Even though your only goal is to strike the golf ball powerfully, crisply, and cleanly, don’t let that influence your swing movement. Instead, keep it more relaxed. When you over-focus on striking the golf ball. The inevitable outcome is a frantic, awkward, herky-jerky shot.

So swing through the golf ball to make room for accuracy and velocity. And to get there, you have to put keep practicing.

  1. Allow your body to unwind

If shooting lower scores and improving your handicap are priorities, then power plays a major role. And the only way to welcome more power is to allow the body to first torque properly. Then let it unwind through your golf ball with complete confidence.

In fact, one of the best women’s golf driving tips is to create a broad stance. The ball, at such times, should be placed slightly forward. Make sure most of your body weight is positioned on the back foot. And your upper torso and head are tilted back slightly.

With a wide and relaxed stance like this, you can hold your driver and make one open-hand space between the tail end of the golf club and your body.

  1. Increase resistance

This isn’t just women’s golf tips for beginners but also one of the most basic and effective tips of the golf swing for beginners. Because the power in your golf swing stems from the tension you create between the lower and upper body. Along with how you unwind this force smoothly and gradually.

Did you know that achieving more yards is a matter of simply boosting resistance at your hips? When the degree of angle that’s present between your hips and shoulders is higher. You get to create greater accumulated power.

Final Words

This brings me to the end of women’s golf swing tips for beginners. No denying that there are plenty more you can incorporate into your practice sessions. But I’ve discussed only the top 5. So why don’t you get started with these basic yet most effective strategies? And then add some more later on to avoid confusion.

You can always improve your golf swing in more than just one way. But first, the basics have to be in place. And there’s no doubt that a reliable, steady golf swing lowers your scores and makes your session more enjoyable.

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Carolyn Heller is the enthusiastic and experienced force behind the popular golfing blog, Golf Depends. This avid golfer, who has also played professionally, is not only the founder but also the content creator. Her articles are full of top recommendations and the most treasured advice to make your time on the course more gratifying. She reviews and imparts golf wisdom in the form of tips and tricks to not just women and beginners, but to every devoted golfer.