Japan is an astounding country known for its culture. From katanas to archery and its manga and anime, many traditions and customs will certainly amaze visitors. It’s also known for its gambling, like best asian bookmakers in the world. 

Where should you go? Here, we have collected a list of the must-see places in Japan—those that you should never miss if you ever get the chance to visit.

1. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

The Second World War created devastation in biblical proportions, one of which was the bombing of Hiroshima. The Memorial Park is definitely a place to visit to remind all of us of the atrocities of war and how the city strived to rise up after the nuclear bomb attack. 

More than one million people visit the park every year. The park sits at the centre of the bombing, and you will find monuments and museums that will help you understand the events of that fateful day.

The park has a garden that thrives with cherry blossoms. There are also exhibits where you can find the Memorial Cenotaph and the Flame of Peace. The park also has an Atom Bomb Dome, which used to be an administrative building at the time of war. 

2. Temple City: Historic Nara

The Kofuku-ji Temple is an ancient structure that has been around since the 7th century. The city of Nara is home to this temple, along with many historic buildings. There are many temples here, and Kofuku-ji Temple is one of what they call the Seven Great Temples of Nara. In the Great East Temple, you will see a huge bronze statue of the Great Buddha, which has been around since 749 AD. 

3. Tokyo

One should never miss the capital city of Japan, Tokyo. This place is where you get to see the city life of the country—it is where you will find the hustle and bustle and the technology that Japan has to offer.   

From go-karts to cosplay and themed cafes, Tokyo has everything. There are also many things to see here, not just the buildings. 

Here are some things you should not miss: 

  • Eat at the Memory Lane restaurant;
  • Dress up in anime and then drive a go-kart;
  • Visit the government building;
  • Walk at the Shibuya Crossing.

DisneySea is also in Tokyo, where you can enjoy fun rides. If you are looking for adult fun, you should visit some of the casinos here, not just play at an online casino in Japan in your hotel room. There are also many bars that can serve you at night. 

4. Himeji Castle

The Himeji Castle is an old temple built in the 17th century. It has 83 buildings with highly developed systems for military defence. It also has ancient devices to fight off attackers. 

The temple is magnificent because it is made of wood, and it has lasted now for over 400 years. The Japanese undertook serious efforts to conserve the structure as early as 1934. Although they used modern materials, it was heavily controlled. 

The castle features two moats, like mini rivers that separate the castle from the land. Once the attackers get past these, they would have to make their way through fortified walls. Astoundingly, the walls are 4.8 kilometres in length and 85 feet in height!

5. Hokkaido

This island is in the northernmost part of Japan. In it is the city of Sapporo where you can find a lot of things to do. Sapporo is the island’s largest city, and you have to come here when there are events such as festivals.

Hokkaido is the place to visit if you want to eat. There are many places where they celebrate their cuisine. There are also many museums and galleries.

The main focal point of the area is Odori Park. It is located in the downtown area of the cry, and this is where you can find interesting structures like the aerial tramway, the Sapporo TV Tower, and Mount Moiwa Ropeway.

You can also visit during the winter if what you want to do is ski. Particularly, you need to visit Mount Moiwa, where the 1972 Winter Olympics happened. In winter, there is an event that the locals call the Sapporo Snow Festival. It happens in February, but you will have to fight your way against 2 million visitors.

Japan is a country that one must see. It is an ancient civilization that has managed to thrive and stay alive until this age. The country also has bustling cities that have futuristic skyscrapers. 

The food is great, and you should try those that you are not likely to eat back home. The people are polite, and the transportation system is unparalleled. There are many hotels where one can stay. It could be confusing to decide which places to visit during your limited time, so plan ahead.