The kitchen is often called The heart of the house as it has great importance to every member of the house and help in keeping your life healthy with delicious and healthy food. As people are urbanizing day by day there is less space available in urban areas for the people, therefore, they have small houses to live. However, a small house has a small kitchen and we have to maintain the kitchen because it plays a very important part of your life. The kitchen with a small space can be managed with small tricks and ways like using magnetic racks, Rotimatic, etc. These ways make the kitchen more spacious and equipped.

There are many ways to make a small kitchen more spacious and utilize every corner of the kitchen in a very well manner and in a proper way. Some of the ways which help in making the kitchen more spacious are mentioned below


1. Hang a pegboard: It is often seen that one or two walls of the kitchen are free, no cabinets or any accessory hanged on it. You can use these ideal walls with the help of using pegboard. You can hang a pegboard on these walls instead of hanging a couple of more limiting shelves. Pegboard gives more flexible storage space that can be adjusted over time as your needs change. Pegboard contains many numbers of holes that can be used to accept pegs or hooks to support various items. With the help of hooks, we can hang many utensils that are laid on shelves and make shelves busy. By hanging these utensils on pegboard, you have free shelves for using it for any other purpose. Moreover, you can hang small racks on a pegboard that can be used for putting small containers, etc. Some more benefits of pegboard are given below


  • The biggest benefit of pegboard is that it is flexible in use, you can remove it any from your kitchen as per your requirement.
  • It is very simple to use and hang pegboard on the wall, you only need small nails and hammer to hang pegboard on the wall.
  • Pegboard can hold a good amount of load, so you can hang utensils without caring about its weight.
  • It makes kitchen more spacious and attractive, as it makes kitchen highly equipped and modern.

2. Magnetic racks for refrigerator and magnetic stripes: magnetic racks are very useful in managing space in the kitchen. As the backside of these racks has a magnet that can be easily hung on a metallic surface. As the body of the refrigerator is made up of steel, therefore you can use magnetic racks on the body of the refrigerator. These magnetic racks also have some extended hooks which can be used for hanging kitchen towels and any other clothes. However, magnetic stripes can also be used for solving the problem of space. These stripes have adhesive material on one side and another side of the strip has a magnetic surface. The strip can be easily attached to any wall or any surface with the help of adhesive material and metallic things can be hanged on the magnetic surface of the stripes. You can hang knives, spoons and other small metallic things on these stripes. Some other benefits of magnetic racks and magnetic stripes are mentioned below



  • Magnetic racks can withstand with suitable load, so you can put small jars and small utensils in these racks.
  • These racks do not damage the surface on which they are attached with the help of a magnet.
  • Magnetic stripes are a good way to hold knives and spoons because these small things have a chance to lost in the kitchen itself.
  • It is very simple in use as the only magnet is used for attaching it to the surface.

3. Roti making machine: It is also very difficult to make chapatis in the small spaced kitchen with the traditional method of roti making. This problem can be solved by using Rotimatic, it is a small machine used for making chapatis without using a traditional method that contains other equipment hence cover more space of the kitchen. Moreover, this machine makes the process of chapati making easier and simpler. Some Rotimatic Reviews are mentioned below



  • It is very simple to use, even an inexperienced person can make chapatis by using this machine.
  • It is small in size and very handy, so it uses very little space in the kitchen.
  • It is operated on electricity hence it is eco-friendly.

4. Use the top of cabinets and space below sinks: The top of the hanged cabinet are always vacant, you can use top of the cabinet for keeping utensils which are rarely used in kitchen making problem in space management of the kitchen. As these utensils are rarely used therefore you do not have any problem from keeping them on the top of your cabinets. However, you can also use space below the kitchen sink. This space can be used for storing kitchen cleaning material. All these things make the kitchen more spacious and you have space for other purposes. Some other benefits are mentioned below



  • By keeping things on top of cabinets, you can make space on shelves and in racks. 
  • This helps in utilizing every corner of the kitchen and make increases the space in the kitchen.

5. Use your windows as storage: you never think about using a window as storage, but it is possible. You can attach bars in front of windows, these bars contain many hooks. These hooks can be used for hanging many utensils and other things that are used in the kitchen. This makes a lot of space in the kitchen because the things which are hanged on bars cover a lot of space in the kitchen. Some other benefits of it are mentioned below



  • It does not use any expensive material, as you only need a simple bar. 
  • It is easy to use 

So, these are some ways which you can use for making the small kitchen more spacious and well maintained. Now there is no excuse for space management in a small kitchen because these ways solved every problem faced in a small spaced kitchen. Use these ways to making your kitchen more attractive and spacious.