Aerobics can become monotonous. And while some people enjoy spending hour after hour on the treadmill, others may choose to work out in a more dynamic and exciting way. 

One alternative is sports: running, jumping and playing ball with friends – on the condition that there’s plenty of fresh air, one is not just indoors on a machine or inside an indoor sports field.

Sports are good for your health, both physically and mentally. After all, it’s not just about keeping fit but also about relaxing with friends and letting off steam. This doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to join a club or take part in tournaments.

 Half an hour of exercise once or twice a week is already enough to gain many positive effects from the sport. 

Here’s a quick overview of five fun team sports you can do outdoors with your friends or family. Everything you need for each game can be found outdoors, so there is no need for any special equipment – only the will to play! Just don’t forget sunscreen and drinking water.

1) Badminton

According to Real-Buzz Badminton is ranked as one of the most popular teams sports worldwide. It’s easy to learn how to play, doesn’t require much space, and one match usually lasts less than an hour or even shorter. 

All that’s needed are two rackets and a shuttlecock (a kind of overgrown shuttlecock). Wherever there are trees present, badminton is possible, so there’s no need to travel far.

First of all, decide whether you want to play singles or doubles. Then divide into teams accordingly and get ready for the game! One team serves, e.g., by hitting the shuttlecock over the net with one’s racket.

 If it lands in the opponent’s half without touching their side of the court first then that counts as a point. If not, then they serve again until one team has won 15 points. 

If both teams have won 15 points each in total before either can reach 30 points in succession – which means that in total 33 points are played – then it is called a draw, or ‘deuce’. The next point will determine who wins.

2) Football

Football is probably the most popular team sport worldwide. It doesn’t require much space or special equipment, and it’s easy to learn. It requires only one ball and a few people to play with. 

The whole world knows what football looks like and there are countless possibilities for playing it – at your local sports ground, on the beach, or in the park; either indoors or outdoors.

First, decide whether you want to play 5-a-side (five players per team) or 7-a-side (seven players per team). Then divide into teams accordingly and get ready to play.

Only the goalkeeper can touch the ball with their hands; everyone else has to kick it – including the goalkeeper if necessary. As soon as someone scores a goal, the game starts again. 5 Soccer Drills to Improve Your Game

3) Tennis

Tennis belongs to the favorite indoor games but it can be played outdoors too – and that’s even more fun. It requires little space, only one ball (a tennis ball, of course!) and two rackets. 

It is not necessary to play on grass; any flat surface will do as long as there are no dangerous obstacles like holes or ditches nearby. Again, playing indoors or outdoors doesn’t make much difference: it is largely a matter of personal preference.

To organize a sports match with your friends over the weekend you need nothing more than a lot of enthusiasm. If you have two rackets each then you can easily play doubles – that is if there are enough people available to play all of you. 

One of the players hits the ball over the net using their racket; it has to land on or below the other team’s area then, otherwise, that counts as a point for them. 

Alternatively, they have to get it back again before anyone can hit it towards them – but they can’t let it bounce on their side of the court more than once!

4) Volleyball

Volleyball belongs to one of the most popular sports in Germany. It requires nothing more than two teams who want to play with 6-8 players per team and a volleyball (a slightly smaller version is called ‘mini-volley’). 

There are special courts needed: any open space with a net stretched across it will do.

First of all, decide whether you want to play indoors or outdoors. They are both completely different games. Outdoor players have the wind at their backs and there is no net – which means they can also hit the ball backward.

 Indoor players have to make sure that they don’t let the ball touch their half of the court or that’ll mean a point for their opponents.

5) Paddle Boarding

The sport of paddleboarding is a great workout and fun for all ages, body types, and experience levels. Paddleboard (can be bought almost anywhere) and a paddle (can also be easily bought almost anywhere). Life jackets are recommended but not required.

Paddleboards can be used in the ocean, lakes, and even rivers (if they’re calm enough). According to Jason Walker founder of, this sport is fun for all ages and body types so anyone can play.

Before you start, make sure you have a life jacket, an inflatable paddleboard, and a paddle. Any break in these items could cause injury or trouble while playing so it’s important to get a good quality set. 

A good idea would be to pick up a backpack to keep everything dry while not being used.

Whatever kind you opt for, the most important thing is that your surroundings are safe enough for these activities. Have fun.