The casino is a popular game played by many people across different industries. In the world of sports, the casino has several sports stars who openly admit to loving the thrills and entertaining value it provides, and of course, the money. Sports stars also enjoy playing casino games and betting on sporting events.  

With the majority of Casino gaming done online today, it is hard to get comprehensive data for the number of sports stars who play the casino. Majority of them prefer to keep their playing status hidden from the public. The number of sports stars that enjoy playing casino is increasing with the ease of access to top casino gaming platforms from any smart device. Online Casinos are becoming a prefered means for famous sports stars to enjoy Casino games and stay under the radar of Celebrity cameras and gossip mills.


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5 Popular Sports stars who Loves the Casino

A lot of sports stars have identified their love for the casino. They enjoy playing various casino games. Here are five famous sports stars who enjoy the casino.

  1. Floyd Mayweather Jr

I bet you already know this not too secret information. Floyd Mayweather Jr now retired is a world-renowned boxer with an excellent sporting record. Nicknamed “Money”, he is one of the most flamboyant athletes living the dream. I mean everyone wants to have the money of Mayweather, but not everyone can dance in the boxing ring to win it. 

Mayweather loves the casino and regularly bets on different events. He is a regular in Las Vegas high stakes tables, and sources close to him claim he is not afraid of pulling off those extravagant wagers. 

  1. Wayne Rooney

Hands up if you knew Wayne Rooney is an avid casino player? Okay, that is quite a large number of hands. The Manchester United and English football legend is a proud Casino player who is not afraid of associating with the beautiful game. He once said that he spent over a million pounds on gambling before he reached age 25. Wow, we dare not guess how much he spends now on gambling. I bet that it is in tens of millions, what’s yours? In Manchester casinos, Wayne Rooney is a regular. According to reports from gossip mills, he once spent 65 thousand pounds in two hours on one of such visits.

  1. Michael Jordan

You dare not mention basketball legends and not mention the prolific Micheal Jordan. Sadly, we lost a legend; the whole basketball world misses him, and so does the Casino world. Micheal Jordan easily makes the top ten of any greatest sports stars that ever lived. The basketball NBA legend is an inspiration to many and touched many lives positively. Not many people know that Micheal Jordan loves casino games. He was a regular visitor at the Atlantic City where he makes huge Casino bets. According to reports, he once lost a whopping $165,000 in one go and bounced back quickly.   

  1. Charles Barkley

Friends that gamble together sticks together. It is not surprising that two long time friends make this list – Micheal Jordan and Charles Beckley. In honour of their friendship, I deliberately played them side by side. Cool, right? Barkley like his friend Jordan loves the casino. In one interview he granted sports channel ESPN, he confessed to spending the tune of $10 million on high-stakes bets. According to reports, on one occasion, under six hours playing blackjack in a casino, he staked over $2.5 million. 

The Wynn Casino, Las Vegas, once sued Barkley for defaulting on $400,000 worth of gambling markers. He is quite active on popular online casino forums where he enjoys discussing casino games and betting. 

  1. Rafael Nadal

After Roger Federer, the next name that strings up to mind when mentioning tennis players is Rafael Nadal, the “King of the Clay”. A fierce competitor on the tennis court, just ask any of his numerous opponents, he also takes that competitive streak into the Casino world. He has a particular preference for poker games. Nadal started playing poker from a younger age in his native country Spain with his friends. PokerStars even made him an ambassador.



Casinos are a great distraction and hobby for sports stars who love the pleasant thrills it brings. Other notable sports stars that love casino not included in this list include Mario Ballotelli, Shane Warne, Gigi Buffon and Teddy Sheringham.