Summer doesn’t just mean vacation, no school, and longer days. It is also a favorable season for many to spend some time outdoors. Even more, if you have a pet, it offers you an opportunity to spend some precious time with your furry friend outside. 

Sport is vital for the growth and development of your dog. Therefore, you need to carefully choose between different types of appropriate activities and feed them healthy energy-boosting meals to keep your canine physically active and happy at the same time. 

It can be challenging to choose an activity if you don’t understand your little friend’s interests and physical requirements. So, we have compiled a list of indoor and outdoor dog sports that you both can try out this summer.   

Why Should You Go For a New Dog Sport? 

To keep your dog’s health in check, you should try new and exciting activities with them. Canines are capable of playing and enjoying the sport with their human owners. You can easily teach your dogs new and fun tricks with clear communication. If you’re a high-energy individual looking for a pup who can keep up, then a dog like Alaskan Malamute is the right breed for you.

To keep your dog’s health in check, you should try new and exciting activities with them. Canines are capable of playing and enjoying the sport with their human owners. You can easily teach your dogs new and fun tricks with clear communication. 

So, if your dog enjoys some fun new tricks for treats or is super energetic, there are five dog sports you both can try this summer.  

5 Dog Sports to Try This Summer

The dog sports described below are suitable for both mixed and purebred registered dogs. Keep in mind that dogs should be registered through the AKC Canine Partners program. 

With each of the sports below, you can explore your canine’s hidden talents and spend some playful time together. 

1. Agility sport

The agility training is fun and challenging for both the owner and the dog. It is among the most physically and mentally fulfilling activities to do with your furry companion this summer. Through this agility training dog sport, you’ll find out your pup’s physical capabilities. 

Let’s discuss what this challenging sport entails. Your canine needs to keep both his body and mind at work to pass all the challenges. He will go through several obstacles such as pet walking, jumps, see-saws, weave poles, and A-frames. 

If you have either Australian Shepherds or Border Collies, they will definitely enjoy this high-energy sport. You can either set up the training equipment in your backyard or join a local dog club that conducts such dog sports.  

2. Obedience rally 

On very hot summer days, your pooch may not be able to stay outside for a long period of time. On those days, it’s better to engage in a sport that both you and your dog can enjoy in the comforts of your home. And what is better than to practice Obedience? 

Instead of being a mundane task, you can make Obedience a competitive and fun sport for both you and your pup. The obedience sport includes exercises like jumping over hurdles, retrieving, adhering to orders, standing, and sitting. 

 With Obedience rally, your dog will become a disciplined and well-behaved member in your home. This sport is also great for their physical and mental health. 

3. Coursing Ability Tests

If you have a new furry friend, it is better to start with a low-stress and easy sport like Course Ability Test. The sport is specifically made for new dogs. In this course, your canine will participate in lure coursing. He will have to chase a mechanized lure while running on a specified path. 

The course offers an excellent opportunity for your dogs to stretch their legs. Also, it requires no training; all you need to do is let your dog run and see if they enjoy chasing or not. The motive of this training course is to make your dog run and have fun while running. 

4. Rally 

Have you heard of the dog sport, Rally Obedience? Any dog breed can participate in this sport because its purpose is not to achieve physical strength but team building. It’s about motivating your dog to follow the right commands given at any particular time. 

Also, it helps to develop strong communication between you and your canine companion to complete the course in a timely manner. 

In Rally, you and your pooch will work as a team to navigate the course together using different signs. The signs are there to provide instructions about what skill you have to perform. If you and your furry friend complete the exercise, you will earn points for that. 

The skill level and exercise are somewhat the same as you have in Obedience. Thus, the sport is excellent for your dog’s health as it challenges and stimulates their mind and body. Plus, your dog would also enjoy the training.      

5. Scent Work

The last sport you can try with your canine companion is scent work. Dogs have a strong sense of smell. In fact, a dog’s nose is a million times more sensitive compared to that of a human nose. For that reason, many trained dogs are employed to locate things by following the scents. 

For example, rescue dogs are used to find victims who are lost, whereas hunting dogs will hunt for criminals. Additionally, military and law enforcement dogs help to find explosives, drugs, and weapons. 

While the handler controls the dog in many of the dog sports we discussed, scent work is the opposite. The dog is in control during scent work and the handler or owner will follow the dog to wherever the location of the odor is. In this way, the handler will depend on the dog’s nose and follow the dog in the winning direction. 

Final Thoughts

The summer season calls for fun and physical activities for both the dog and its owner. What can be more exciting than to indulge yourself and your furry friend in new and energetic dog sports? 

The activities are not just great for bonding but also improve communication and stimulate the mental and physical health of your pet. 

Still, you need to be prepared before heading out to conduct a sports event to create a comfortable environment for your dog. If it’s too hot outside, it’s best to do the appropriate sports activities within your home. 

Your focus should be to have fun while considering all the factors that can affect a dog’s health.