If you think about it, sports and casino games aren’t that different. They are both competitive and give you the option to come out as a winner and even win prizes. It doesn’t come as strange that sportsmen love casino games. In this article, we talk about five famous athletes who love visiting gambling properties and playing online!

Charles Barkley

Barkley might be the best NBA player who ever played the game and failed to win the championship ring. He often shares details about his life and isn’t afraid of sharing that he lives it to the fullest. That also includes visiting Las Vegas and spending big money on casino games and sports betting.

The former Suns’ power admitted in 2007 that he won $700K in a single weekend. According to Barkley, he earned that sum by playing blackjack and betting on the NFL. Although that might be his biggest win, Barkley’s most significant loss was $2.5 million. That’s how much he lost once he visited Las Vegas.

Although he admits it’s not smart to wager large sums, Charles points out he can afford that, which is why he doesn’t plan to stop. 

Today, it’s much safer to play online, and Barkley probably sticks to that rule. If you consider trying web-based gaming platforms, read the Fun casino review by CasinoHEX to learn more about the bonuses and games offered by this operator.

John Shaw

John Shaw is the center of the most recent NFL gambling scandal. According to reports, Shaw went to Vegas with his friends and primarily placed sports bets. The problem is he picked the NFL games for wagering, and that’s something that is strictly against the league’s rules.

Once the commissioner discovered what happened, the Cardinals’ player got suspended. It all happened in 2019, but Shaw will remain under suspension until February 2021. Cardinals have plenty of problems lately, especially since Trent Sherfield and Larry Fitzgerald were also added to the list of unavailable players. According to reports, they tested positive for COVID-19 and could not help the team in the upcoming games.

John Daly

Tiger Woods had a lot of problems in his career, including the car crash, but another golfer is more famous for gambling scandals. John Daly is among those people who like to make the most out of their lives. It’s not a secret that he was an alcoholic, and he also appreciates good food. 

According to what Daly told the media himself, the golfer lost approximately $50 million in casinos throughout the United States. Daly was so disappointed that he ended up second in a golf tournament several years ago that he immediately went to Las Vegas. 

Slots were his favorite game, which is why he ended up spinning the reels for hours. Daly is an excellent example of how you shouldn’t play casino games when you are mad or distracted. The golfer reportedly lost $1.6 million in only a few hours. Fortunately, that wasn’t a big hit on his huge bankroll acquired by winning prizes in top golf tournaments.

Antoine Walker

It seems that basketball and casino games go hand in hand. Although numerous basketball players love gambling, the story about Antoine Walker is special.

Walker earned over $100 million while playing basketball. The reports indicate he supported over 70 family members and friends, but he didn’t hesitate to enjoy luxury himself. The former forward spent millions on suits, dinners, and gambling.

He was a frequent Vegas casino visitor and a welcome player at the time. However, Walker had his credit card declined on one occasion after losing $822K in a casino. The basketball star was unable to pay, so he ended up in jail. He soon declared bankruptcy, even though he earned millions while playing for the Celtics.

Wayne Rooney

The current Derby County manager was one of the best European football forwards at the time. Rooney was a goal machine while playing for Manchester United. While he was fantastic on the pitch, Rooney didn’t run from scandalous behavior outside of it. The biggest one was probably cheating on his wife with a prostitute. 

Playing in casinos is among those things that Rooney didn’t try to hide. You could often see him in casinos throughout Manchester. He didn’t hesitate to invest big money, and reports indicate he once lost more than €75K in a single night. 

Rooney discovered in an interview that his total gambling losses surely exceeded €1.2 million, and that’s only during the first half of his active career. It seems that no one in England had a problem with that, especially since it didn’t affect Rooney’s scoring ability. The forward scored 53 goals in 120 matches for the national team.

Final Thoughts

Athletes have demanding training sessions and matches, which is why they are looking for ways to relax. You can find athletes that play casino games regardless of their sports. It’s understandable since people of all ages, education levels, and interests find gambling fun and entertaining. If you feel like you need a new leisure activity, you can try casino games online while staying at home, which is a safer option in pandemic times.