A big part of any sport is the equipment you use, and tennis is one of those sports where equipment is essential. Of course, you don’t need expensive equipment to be a good player, but quality gear can help ease your path to greatness because it lets you focus on your training instead of malfunctioning equipment and the discomfort it can cause.

If you are just getting into the world of tennis, or if you aren’t satisfied with the tennis shoes you are currently using, we’ve assembled a quick guide on how to pick out the tennis shoes you need. Overall, we have six tips on making sure that you get the best tennis shoes to enhance your performance and boost your energy.

1. Durability Is Key

During training sessions and matches, tennis shoes take quite a bit of punishment. That’s why it’s imperative to invest in shoes made of quality materials and can handle multiple hours on the court every day.

You can take a look and see the wear and tear marks on your current shoes to determine which areas of the shoe need the most support in your case, and look for new shoes with that as a guideline. A good tennis shoe needs to be very durable, for the simple reason of saving you both the money and time you would spend on getting a new pair every month.

2. Breathability Is a Close Second

Once again, you will be spending a lot of time on the court in these shoes, so it’s vital for them to let your foot breathe. Keeping your feet cool can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

If your foot gets enough air, it takes longer to heat up to the point where it would be uncomfortable for you. When looking for a good tennis shoe, make sure to choose an upper design with enough ventilation to help with that issue.

3. Make Sure to Account for Tennis Socks

Tennis socks are usually made very thick, so they provide the additional comfort necessary with the dynamic movements tennis requires. That’s why you should keep that in mind when trying on or ordering tennis shoes – you’ll be wearing them over thicker than average socks, so you might want to consider that when determining what shoe size you need.

Ordering half a size over your regular one usually does the trick, but you should always check first. Many people’s feet aren’t exactly the same size, so you should check that too, as just because the shoe is a tight fit on your right foot, it doesn’t necessarily need to be the same for your left foot.

4. Keep in Mind What Surface You’ll Be Playing on

Tennis shoes are engineered differently based on what surface they were meant for, so keep that in the back of your head when browsing for a new pair. Whether you mostly play on hard, clay, or grass surfaces should greatly influence your choice. Whichever one you play on regularly should be the one you get.

The differences between the designs are slight to the untrained eye but can make a world of difference when preventing any potential injuries. The differences between the types of shoes are mostly just differently engineered soles; each surface needs a different kind of grip on it, and there are shoes built to do exactly that.

5. Consider the Weight of the Shoes

Considering the sheer amount of running and other dynamic movements you’ll be performing on the court, heavy shoes would just drag you down and drain your stamina faster. That’s why it’s crucial to get a quality pair of tennis shoes made from lightweight materials.

They should also have enough cushioning and lateral support so you can withstand those quick movements and constant changes of direction that the shoes will be enduring. Lateral support helps you prevent ankle injuries, as it keeps your foot movements natural, even in harsh conditions tennis can present.

In Conclusion

We hope that these tips and tricks are enough for you to start your search for the perfect tennis shoe you deserve. Just remember to keep it simple and listen to what your body is telling you, and you should be able to find that special pair of shoes with no trouble.