Resistance bands are very affordable, transportable, and versatile. They can also help to target larger muscles as well as smaller stabilizing muscles. 

They add muscle-building power to most types of workouts and are also excellent for rehabilitating muscles after injuries. 

Research has proven that resistance bands can activate many muscles than standard training with free weights. They are excellent to aid your exercise if you are traveling. 

There are many innovative and creative exercises that you can do with the use of resistance bands to increase fitness and ultimately improve physique. 

The following are three unusual exercises that you can consider doing with the usage of the Rubberbanditz Resistance Bands. 

Amidst the current situation, using gyms is not as easy as it used to be before. This means that if you are a fitness fanatic, investing in a resistance band may be something to consider. 

Resistance Band Bent Over Row 

To do this exercise, you should place a resistance band on each foot. You should bend forward slightly and hold both handles slightly under your knee. 

You should then push your shoulder blades together whilst lifting the band towards your upper rib. After lowering the band, you can go ahead and repeat it. 

This will help to strengthen your arm and back muscles. The difficulty of this exercise is easy. 

If you are a fitness instructor or want to teach others about fitness, it is also important to learn about bands. If you are a fitness instructor, having a good qualification is important for attracting clients. 

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An unusual way to use the resistance band 

Hug A Moon

Your arms should be out to the sides and palms in an upward direction. Your arms should be lifted above your head until your fingers meet. Lastly, you should bring your arms downwards to the start position. 

You have to keep tension in the band. This will help to keep your arms strong and give them a good workout. 

Resistance Band Chest Fly 

This is a great exercise for strengthening and developing your chest. To do it, you should loop the resistance band with handles onto a stable surface near you. 

After that, you should grab an end with each hand and make a T-shape with your hands with the palms facing forward. 

You should stand with one foot in front of the other. Your stance should be forward enough to ensure that there is tension in the band. 

After you are in the starting position, you should pull the band, bringing the handles to meet in the front of your body. Slightly bending your elbows, you should slowly extend your arms back to the original starting position. This is the first rep. 

You should aim to perform between 8-12 repetitions

An unusual way to use the resistance band

Hug A Tree 

Your arms should be facing outwards from the side of your body and palms in a forward-facing direction. Secondly, you should bring in your arms in front of your chest. Your fingertips should meet as you “hug in,”. 

Lastly, you should go back to the original position. 

Chest Press With Exercise Bands

Utilizing different chest press exercises will help to develop your pecs. Firstly, you should wrap the resistance band around a pole. 

The band should be at your chest height and you should then grab a 41” loop resistance band with each hand whilst your back is facing the post. 

Make sure that your body is stabilized and press the bands in front of you. 

Then press the bands in front of you and extend your arms in a parallel direction to the ground. Whilst moving back to your original position, control the tension smoothly to ensure that your pectoral muscles are in action. 

You should ideally aim to complete 8-12 repetitions. 

This exercise is also great for strengthening your chest and arms without the usage of weights. If you learn to master the art of using the band properly, you can learn how to strengthen your chest without having to lift heavy weights or do push-ups.

An unusual way to use the resistance band 


You should move your arms in front of you with your palms facing in a downwards direction. You should then grip onto the band with your shoulders over your hips. 

Bending one arm, while keeping the other stretched, you should switch and alternate your arms to ensure that both get a good work out. 

Not only is this a good exercise, it can also help with stress and anger relief. There is no better way to ease your stress levels than to engage in boxing for exercise or recreation. 

Seated Incline Press 

The great thing about this exercise is that it can be done anywhere, be it at an office, hotel, or anywhere else. You should firstly secure the bands behind your chair. 

After that is done, pick up the bands with each hand. Thereafter as you move your elbows out, your arms should be pushed up at a 45-degree angle. 

Whilst you are performing the movements, try to make sure that movement is only confined to your chest and arms. Lastly, aim to perform 2-5 sets of 10 reps. 

To achieve maximum potential, you should try and make yourself enjoy exercising

An unusual way to use the resistance band 

Up & Down

You should hold your arms out straight and maintain a diamond position with your hands. You should then start to lift them while trying to not use your shoulders or lift them up. 

As you lower the arms back down to the initial starting position, you should keep tension on the band during the entire time. 

This is a great exercise for building the arms. It also helps to build and increase physical strength and willpower. 

Inner Chest Exercises With Resistance Bands 

When it comes to exercising, the inner chest is generally one of the most difficult areas to target. By focusing on declining movements, you can create a more defined inner chest for yourself

To work your inner chest with the exercise bands, you should secure them to the top of a door, using an anchor. 

Whilst gripping the 41” loop resistance band with one hand, you should stand at least 3-4 feet away with the side you want to work facing the door. 

Your arm should be positioned to allow it to point towards the door with a slight bend. Your back and head should be straight, chest upwards and feet apart. 

You should then pull the band down until your arm is in front of your chest. After this, return to the original position. 

To have a good workout, try and perform between 3-5 sets and 8-10 repetitions. Ensure that you work both sides of your chest for a healthy workout. 

Working your inner chest muscles will help significantly if you are aiming to create a strong chest and excellent physique. 

An unusual way to use the resistance band 

Diamond Chest Press 

This exercise is best performed after “Hug A Tree”, which was described above. To do it, keep your arms in front of your chest and aim to move your pointer finger and thumbs in order to create a diamond shape in front of your sternum. 

Lastly, you should bend your elbows into your chest. Ensure that you do not drop them or let the band move away. Lastly, you should push back out to the original position. 

This exercise helps you to develop a defined and toned chest. If you perform it regularly, you will reap the rewards. 


The big advantage of using 41” loop resistance bands is that they are very versatile. No matter where you are, you can use them to train every muscle group in your body. You can use them for a full-body workout. 

It’s important to always ensure that you have a stable object you can wrap the band around. Not only will it be an annoyance if the band detaches, but it can also be dangerous. 

The one thing you need to remember is that to improve strength training, you must always modify your techniques. The body eventually gets used to the movements if you use the same techniques. Whilst this is not always bad, it can lead to you reaching a plateau mentally. 

If you want to regularly increase your fitness levels, find ways to do new things, and challenge yourself. This will motivate you mentally and physically. 

Another great thing about resistance bands is that they allow you to perform unusual yet effective exercises. Some of these exercises are described above. 

Doing the unusual exercises will allow you to learn more about your body and will make your exercise routines more interesting and fun. It is suggested that you only do unusual exercises which are suggested by experienced brands and websites. 

If you try to create your own exercises, especially as a novice, it could result in serious injury.