In today’s soccer world, it is nearly impossible not to have heard of Ronaldo or Messi as a football fan. Other players have excelled in the game in the past. The above-mentioned soccer players didn’t just emerge and stayed on top of their games without putting in an effort.

In fact, Ronaldo is said to put in extra hours after the whole team must have been done with training. Plus he eats healthy and works out all in a bid to be at his top performance on the turf.

Are you an aspiring soccer player? Do you want to improve your overall performance in the game so you can make your mark and rub shoulders with the gods of soccer? This read is for you! Below are some of the ways you can optimize your overall performance in soccer.


  • Mini band walks 


Are you a coach or just a player who wants to keep his/her hips running and fired and strongly able to withstand or forestall injuries? Then you must employ the mini band walks warm-up exercises. It involves using ladders to keep your toes pointed and forward.


  • Single leg balance


Leg balance workouts help to improve hamstring strength and hip extension control. Some single-leg balance workouts include the single-leg deadlift which can be done before or after normal training sessions.

Also, your hip hinges need to be fired or reinforced and these single-leg balance workouts are a sure way of achieving that.


  • Hip mobility 


Making a correct pass in soccer has very little to do with the foot. It’s more to do with the hips! Hip mobility workouts help you to “open your hip doors” and bring to play, areas of the body concerned with making a correct pass.


  • Ankle workout for passing 


To make the right pass, the ankle needs to be rigid and squeezed, not floppy. How do you do this?  Imagine your ankle is an orange, squeeze that orange!  

By doing that regularly, it makes your angle stay strong and rigid during a pass and transfers the right amount of weight behind the pass. 


  • Hip workouts for turning 


If you cannot turn properly as a soccer player, then you cannot play to your full potential. Hip workouts for turning must be done so that you can excel in transverse and frontal motion planes while improving general athleticism.

Other random workout exercises include: 

  • Leaping with the ball.
  • Running into the net with the ball.
  • Charging like a bull at the ball.
  • Joint bends.
  • Squatting like a ninja doing a karate kick.
  • Developing a perfect first touch by stopping the ball softly (nicely).

All these should be left to your imagination. 


  • Final thoughts


Top gear performance in soccer doesn’t come overnight.  It takes constant practice, workouts and the right athleticism in and out of the players cabin. Don’t you think it’s time you went out there and make a name for yourself?

Perform these exercises and see yourself turn into the future Messi and Ronaldo of football.