The world is expeditiously moving towards a better future through technology and digitalization and one of the most significant measures in the home entertainment sector is the switchover from traditional cable TV to digital Cox TV. The digital Set-Top box, sometimes referred to as a digital converter box, cable box or digital receiver, is becoming increasingly popular due to its features that are able to extend ordinary TV viewing. The set-top box offers an exceptional experience for the user because of its features, like games, wake-up alarms and live recording of TV shows. It’s true that the set-top box is a bit expensive but the features that it offers completely offset the price and the price is not the only comparison that is to be made when you are deciding about a TV service. 

A digital set-box is a TV package that enables you to access over 200 channels including those that are On Demand. For those who are fond of watching TV, this is the best option available in the market for them. 

There are numerous features that a set-top box offers, but if you are looking for an extraordinary experience, you should have these 6 features: 

1. Electronic Program Guide 

The electronic program guide (EPG) gives users an upgraded menu and display schedule as well as any upcoming programs on all TV channels. The electronic program guide is a very unique feature of the set-top box that adds a convenience feature for the user by informing them about their favorite TV shows. The electronic program guide is without a doubt one of the greatest features of the modern digital TV. 

2. Favorites 

Another great feature of this digital set-top box is that it enables users to easily manage their preferred channels and mark them as favorites so that they can quickly access the channels that they want to watch without going through each and every channel available on the guide. This feature is quite useful because of all the channels now available on the box service which makes it hard to remember the numbers of your favorite channels. So, with a set-top box, you can bookmark your favorite channels and watch them instantly when you turn on your TV and not miss a thing. 

3. The Timer 

The timer may seem like a basic feature but it’s very useful because it allows users to change channels at pre-defined times. Users can easily set times for their favorite TV shows and the set-top box will automatically change the channel when your favorite TV show comes on. This way you will never forget to watch the shows that you like. Moreover, this feature can also be used as a parental control by switching the set-top box off when kids are around so that they are not able to view any channel that they are not allowed to watch. Furthermore, the timer can be used to record live shows as well. So, if you ever have to go out with your friends or family, you can set the timer to record a certain show and watch it later when you get back home. 

4. Live Recording 

Set-top boxes are well-known for this extraordinary feature of recording live TV shows. You simply need to attach a hard drive to your TV so that all your recordings can be stored in one designated place. This feature has gained a lot of popularity and appreciation and therefore is now included in almost all set-top boxes. Users can easily playback the shows that they have recorded and can also overwrite a previous recording or delete the ones that they no longer want to watch. 

5. Universal Controls 

Manufacturers of set-top boxes are offering remote controls that are not only compatible with the device itself but also with most of televisions, which is quite a convenient feature for those users who constantly misplace their TV remote controls. The universal remote control provided by manufacturers of set-top boxes are capable of controlling most of the basic functionalities of the TV and therefore they add value to set-top boxes and most users are completely in love with the experience that this device delivers.

6. Parental Controls 

Some set-top boxes come with an advanced feature of parental locks which is extremely important if you have kids in the house. The set-top box allows users to set up parental controls so that kids are unable to view content which is meant for an 18 and older audience. If you hold the belief that children should only watch channels that are appropriate for them and the rest of the channels should be blocked then this is the perfect feature for you. Less TV also helps children concentrate on their studies which is crucial for their growth and education. 

The set-top box is the perfect device for people who love watching movies and TV shows because nobody wants to go out and rent a DVD anymore, right? Streaming movies and shows are the reasons for getting a set-top box because that is what they are primarily used for. Some offer high resolution like Blu-Ray, but even the standard ones are quite decent. In addition to this, most popular channels and shows are available on the set-top box so you will never get disappointed when you turn on your TV. 

People usually watch TV at night when they get home from work, and at this time of day they just want to relax by watching a movie or a TV show. This is where the set-top box comes in to play and saves the day to provide you with all the movie and show options that you prefer watching. The gaming element in the set-top box is a novelty because no other device offers such games for the users. People who like playing games should choose the set-top box for the incredible features it offers. 

These are six just of the reasons that you should get a set-top box. You will get a better experience when you will actually purchase and use the box.