Most people see exercise as more of a necessity than a thrilling activity. But when it comes to cycling, you almost always associate thrill and adventure with the sport. Cycling is a low-impact sport with numerous benefits. We’ll give you 6 reasons why cycling is actually the best sport of all.

If you are convinced that cycling is the best sport of all, find local cycling teams or look for cycling events near you. If you aren’t convinced, then find something that catches your attention.

1. Good for Strength and Stamina

You’ve tried weight-lifting, you’ve tried running on the treadmill but have you tried cycling for just half an hour each day? It is possibly the best way you can increase your stamina, strength, and aerobic fitness. Cycling uses all the major muscle groups through pedalling and hence provides a good muscle workout, strengthening your lower limbs in particular.

2. It’s Easy!

Unlike a lot of other sports such as football, basketball or even swimming, cycling does not require high levels of physical skill. Most people know how to cycle and the best part is that once you learn, you don’t forget.

3. It Provides Numerous Health Benefits

Sure, all exercise is good for your health. But cycling is great. Cycling is primarily an aerobic exercise, meaning your blood vessels, heart and lungs are all getting a workout. You will sweat, breathe deeper, and experience increased body temperature, improving your overall level of fitness. Some health benefits of regular cycling include the following:

  • increased cardiovascular fitness
  • improved joint mobility
  • increased muscle flexibility and strength
  • decreased stress levels
  • improved coordination and posture
  • strengthened bones
  • lower levels of body fat
  • management or prevention of disease
  • reduction in anxiety and depression

4.There Are So Many Styles of Bikes

So while other sports have a limit of sorts in the way they can be played, cycles offer diversity. Cycling has a myriad of different styles, with each cycle serving a different purpose. Want to ride in the woods or a hiking trail? Go for a mountain bike. Want to travel far or up a hill? Go for a road bike. Want to do a bit of everything? A cyclocross bike is your friend. If you want to go super fast opt for a time trial bike. You see, there are so many different styles of riding to explore. Sky’s the limit.

5. Cycling Is Also a Great Mode of Transport

How many sports can help you actually get from one place to another? Let us give you the answer: not many. Cycling is a time-efficient mode of transport and replaces other sedentary modes such as travelling in a car, a bus or a train with healthy exercise. It’s fun, it’s useful and not to mention, it saves you money! It’s cheaper to maintain than a car for sure.

6. It’s a Social Sport

The concept that cycling is an individualistic sport is far from true. Cycling is actually a surprisingly social pastime. You can pace yourself and hold a conversation with someone. You can have cycling marathons with people. You can join cycling clubs and get to know more people. Cyclists tend to have more friends. Group rides are a popular way that people get into cycling. You can join a pre-existing group or start one of your own. Either way, you are definitely helping your social life.