A high-ranking NCAA official said on Wednesday that at least six Division I men’s basketball programs will receive notices of allegations for Level I violations, the most serious infractions under NCAA rules, as a result of the federal government’s investigation into corruption in the sport.

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Stan Wilcox, NCAA vice president for regulatory affairs, said two high-profile programs would receive notices of allegations by early July.

The remaining four would be rolled out later in the summer in what was described as a wave of NCAA investigations meant to clean up major-college basketball.

“There’s even another group of cases that we’re still working on,” Wilcox said. “The main thing is that we’re up and ready. We’re moving forward and you’ll see consequences.”

Level I violations are considered the most serious by the NCAA. They carry the strongest punishments that can include scholarship reductions, postseason bans and show-cause orders against coaches. According to the NCAA, a notice of allegations is sent after an investigation has closed. 

He would not name any names, but It had previously been reported that at least Kansas, Arizona and Louisville had been under NCAA investigation.

At least 20 schools were mentioned during the course of the FBI’s investigation. Among others were Oklahoma State, USC, Auburn and LSU. Wilcox said only those schools involved in eligibility issues would be impacted.

The NCAA had held off on investigations, he said, at the request of the government until the trials were concluded.

“So now that’s it over, we’re going to be moving forward with a number of Level I cases that will help people realize that, ‘Yeah, the enforcement staff was in a position to move forward,'” Wilcox said.  

Last month, during a meeting of the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics, Kevin Lennon, the NCAA’s vice president for Division I governance, said the notices “will be coming.”

A long time coming. 

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